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Raphael J. Sonenshein

For Whom Poll Tolls

From 1992 through the present, a remarkably consistent 50 percent of Jewish voters have called themselves Democrats, roughly one-third independents and 16-18 percent Republicans.

Mayoral Evolution

With former Assembly Speaker Bob Hertzberg\’s entry into the 2005 mayoral race, the odds of a competitive battle for the city\’s top political job have increased.

Coalition Lesson

Community activist Karen Bass\’ victory in the 47th Assembly District\’s Democratic primary provides a valuable opening for coalition efforts between the Jewish community and a new generation of African American and Latino activists.

GOP’s Tough Task

The race for the Democratic presidential nomination has taken a fateful turn in the past several weeks. The rise — or re-emergence — of Sen.

John Kerry of Massachusetts, the decline of former Vermont Gov. Howard Dean and the withdrawal of Sen. Joe Lieberman make the quadrennial dream of Republicans that Jewish voters will vote Republican more difficult to achieve.

How Will Saddam’s Capture Affect Vote?

What does the capture of Saddam Hussein mean for Jewish voters in 2004? Will it shift the preferences of Jewish Democrats as they weigh the party\’s presidential contenders? Will it push Jewish voters closer to supporting President Bush for re-election?

Democratic Races Poses Hard Choices

Jewish voters are an important constituency in national elections, concentrated in such electoral vote-rich states as California, New York, Florida and Illinois. However, they are even more important in the struggle for the Democratic presidential nomination, comprising an important share of the vote in key Democratic primaries. For Jewish Democrats, the 2004 nomination race is providing some very difficult choices.

15 Years Ago: Immigrants and the Recall

The immigration issue burst into state politics in 1994 when unpopular Republican Gov. Pete Wilson used Proposition 187, a measure to deny public services to undocumented residents, to save his reelection.

Recall Quandaries

Jewish leaders continue to decry Mel Gibson\’s forthcoming Jesus movie for supposedly threatening to whip up anti-Semitism. Due out next April, \”The Passion\” identifies Jewish priests as instigators of the crucifixion.


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