Wednesday, December 2, 2020


Rabbi Erez Sherman


God Is in Our Resiliency

Where was God when … ? We ask this question through the most difficult times in our history, especially this year on the High Holy Days.

High Holy Days 5781: Celebration of the Human Spirit

My daughter tells me a rabbi’s job is to announce pages. My interpretation: A rabbi produces a sacred script. The words of the machzor...

Sorry, Israel Is Complicated

Throw 25 rabbinical students from the major streams of Judaism on an Israeli tour bus for a week, and what do you get? A...

Engaging and Connecting to Covenant Neighbors

I don’t know my neighbors. We wave to one another on our way to work, but I can’t tell you their names, professions or...

Silence on Israel Results in Fear on Campus

As a freshman at Columbia University in September 2000, the toxic anti-Israel atmosphere burgeoned in front of my eyes with the start of the...

Who’s Older Now?

Here is a rabbinic secret. Each year before Yom Kippur, rabbis send an e-mail, asking a simple question: “Has anyone compiled a list of...

Latest news

Jewish Groups Call Out Online Retailers for Selling ‘Holocough’ Shirts

Jewish groups have called out two online retailers for selling “Holocough” t-shirts.

Abbas Seeks United Stance With Amman, Cairo Ahead of Talking to Biden

The Media Line — Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas conducted his first diplomatic tour of the year, meeting with Jordan’s King Abdullah in Aqaba...

Rashida Tlaib Retweets ‘From the River to the Sea’ Tweet

The tweet that Tlaib retweeted read, “From the river to the sea, Palestine will be free."

Past Tensions Between Biden, Erdoğan Cast Shadow Over Ankara-Washington Relations

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan is bracing for a stormy four years.

Haley Calls On Trump Admin to Release Report on Number of Palestinian Refugees

Nikki Haley called on the administration to declassify a report detailing the current number of Palestinian refugees who are receiving aid from the UNRWA.