Tuesday, August 11, 2020


Rabbi Sharon Brous


Enough with your thoughts and prayers. People are dying.

As of the most recent count, 58 people were senselessly murdered in Las Vegas last night, and more than 500 wounded. Another horrific mass...

Rabbi Sharon Brous’ Rosh Hashanah sermon: The bug in the software of the West

America is turning from a place with an undercurrent of antisemitism, to a place in which antisemitism is condoned by the state. What are...

White supremacy is our country’s original sin

What happened in Charlottesville this past weekend is devastating, but not surprising. Over the past three years, white supremacists have been invited back to...

Extracting meaning from the madness

Rabbi Harold Schulweis wrote 30 years ago that the way we work through the memory of the Holocaust, the Shoah, the way we extract...

It’s time to reclaim religion

This is a transcript of a speech delivered at TEDWomen 2016. I was a new mother and a young rabbi in the spring of 2004 and the world was...

The politics of division and diversion

On Saturday, millions of people around the world took to the streets in Women’s Marches, proclaiming fidelity to basic fundamental rights for women, people...

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Community Responds to Kamala Harris as Biden’s Vice Presidential Pick

"The Biden-Harris administration represents a new day for America and I am inspired to make that a reality."

Anti-Semitic Note Reportedly Left on N.Y. Assemblymember’s Vandalized Office

Democratic Assemblymember Rebecca Seawright said she "will never be intimidated by this criminal act."

Facebook Says It Is Updating Hate Speech Policies to Include ‘Stereotypes About Jewish People Controlling the World’

"We also continued to prioritize the removal of content that violates our policy against hate groups."