Saturday, February 27, 2021
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Critical Race Theory Is What’s Still Wrong With California’s Ethnic Studies Model Curriculum

It creates a discriminatory, hostile and disempowering educational environment.

Opinion: Zionism, anti-Zionism and the Federal Reserve

Anti-Zionists insist their views aren’t anti-Semitic. They’re often lying; but anti-Zionism continues to gain respectability, even among Jews. This is a challenge Zionists aren’t adequately addressing.

A Flawed Legacy

The fact that George W. Bush is about the most unpopular president in history does not necessarily mean he is the worst president in history. Popularity is judged during one\'s term in office, with all the immediacy of turbulent political passion.

Two cheers for the Administration’s flawed anti-Semitism report

Last month, the State Department issued its report on contemporary global anti-Semitism. There\'s much to admire in it, albeit with a significant reservation.

Only democratization can fight Islamists

It is time to renew our commitment to liberalization and democratization -- it is what the Islamists fear most. Congress should pass comprehensive legislation conditioning relations between the United States and nonliberal democracies on progress toward liberalization. This is not imperialism. It is support for decent values and democracies abroad.

We must stand for victory In Iraq

It\'s gotten pretty lonely. A convention of Democrats who still support the Iraq war could be held, if not in a phone booth, then in a medium-sized walk-in closet.

U.S Must Defend U.N. Terror Definition

Should the United States try to reform the United Nations, or give up on it? Tough choice. On the one hand, the United Nations is the only club that every nation can join. It has become the principal source of international law. It embodies humanity\'s hopes for international cooperation and world peace.

Why Kerry Lost

How did it happen? How did a respectable candidate like Sen. John F. Kerry lose to President George W. Bush, the fumbling commander-in-chief and avatar of cronyism in government?

Muslim Hate Is Self-Inflicted Harm

The Arab and Iranian complaint that they are threatened and victimized by the Zionists is fascinatingly twisted. In fact, they do themselves considerable damage through their own anti-Semitism. Two recent examples come to mind.

Taking Stock of Post-Saddam Iraq

These are interesting times for those of us who supported President Bush\'s decision to overthrow Saddam Hussein.

Why Not Lieberman?

What a difference two and a half years make. When Democratic presidential candidate Al Gore selected Connecticut Sen. Joe Lieberman as his running mate in 2000, there was a surge of Jewish pride and support. Now that Lieberman has announced his own candidacy in the 2004 presidential race, there\'s a surge of Jewish doubt and ambivalence. Why? The objections to the Lieberman candidacy reveal a nice mix of Jewish fears and neuroses. However, they don\'t withstand serious scrutiny. A Jewish president would provoke anti-Semitism. Actually, one of the most heartening aspects of the 2000 election was precisely that having a Jew on a major party ticket for the first time was a big yawn among non-Jews. We braced ourselves for the backlash -- and nothing.