Orit Arfa

Orit Arfa

Hollywood Home for Israeli Song [VIDEO]

At a rehearsal last week for Temple Israel of Hollywood’s May 8 Yom HaAtzmaut service, Chazzan Danny Maseng, guitar in hand, a colorful, knitted kippah on his curly hair, inspired the synagogue’s choir by explaining the context of Hebrew poet Leah Goldberg’s hymn, “Pizmon Le’Yakington” (Moon Tune).

The Next American-Israeli Idol

Last week a handful of yordim (Israelis who “descended” to America) were given the rare opportunity to make aliyah; that is, to rise back up to Israel–and to stardom. Kochav Nolad (“A Star is Born”), Israel’s “American Idol” knock-off, came to Hollywood, literally, to scout talent for its seventh season.

‘Postcards’ Travel Through Jewish Lands, Via Heaven

While thinking of how to write about Dan Gordon’s book “Postcards from Heaven: Messages of Love from the Other Side” (Simon & Shuster, 2008) in a way that would demonstrate the concept of the title, I received a phone call from a friend wanting to tell me a story. While walking to her car she had noticed a kitten stubbornly sitting on the ground. Two men stood next to it, wondering what to do with the helpless creature. It simply wouldn’t budge.


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