June 17, 2019

Oren Peleg

David Myers ’ honeymoon period as President and Chief Executive of the Jewish Center of History (CJH) has not lasted long.
As a soccer-cleated kid growing up in the San Fernando Valley, Daniel Steres idolized Cobi Jones, the Los Angeles Galaxy’s dreadlocked former captain.
In its first year, 1999, Birthright-Israel provided almost 9,000 Jews ages 18 to 26 free 10-day tours of Israel’s cultural and religious sites.
“30 Days, a Journey of Love, Loss and Healing” is a collection of 30 disc-shaped cards designed to help people deal with the blow of losing a loved one.
As an 8-year-old, Serena Davis already was infatuated with computers. Fooling around on the home desktop, she quickly mastered email.
Noam Gershov assumed the position of shamash, responsible for opening the shul and cleaning up after services when the janitorial staff was off on Sundays.
Amanda Maddahi, a second-generation Iranian-American Jew, has made it her mission to address LGBT issues in Los Angeles’ Persian-Jewish community.
Earlier this year, “Impossible Dreamers,” Goldfarb’s first film, which he shot, directed, edited and funded, secured distribution. It’s now available on Netflix.
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