Picture of Oleg Ivanov

Oleg Ivanov

Russian Jews Have Long Sacrificed One Freedom for Another

Russia’s 150,000 Jews are now watching developments between their government and community leaders with baited breath, wondering if (and how) it will affect the unimpaired religious freedom they have enjoyed since the fall of communism.

Boycotting Israel Is an Impediment to Peace

During Kristallnacht in 1938, the Nazis destroyed many of the Jewish-owned businesses they had boycotted in 1933. These pogroms were the beginning of a genocide that claimed the lives of six million Jews over the course of the Holocaust.

A Bloody Purim Legacy Unites Stalin and Putin

Putin, a former KGB agent who spent the Soviet years terrorizing and spying on his fellow citizens, is implementing many of the lessons he learned during those formative decades in his war on Ukraine.

As LA Teachers’ Union Nears Vote on BDS Motion, LAUSD Board Member Speaks Out

A similar motion—written in the wake of renewed conflict in the Gaza Strip this May—has already been adopted at several UTLA area meetings held this summer. The union, which represents an estimated 30,000 Los Angeles Unified School District educators, wrote in a statement on its website that those earlier motions do not represent “the official expressed opinions of UTLA or its elected leaders.”


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