January 28, 2020

Michelle K. Wolf

Question: Which group of people is the largest minority (roughly 20 percent) in the United States but usually is left out of current...
Like many Jewish mothers, Jody Barrens Moran knew she wanted to do something extra special for her son Max’s bar mitzvah,
Fact No. 1: People with intellectual disabilities are sexually assaulted at a rate seven times higher than those without disabilities,
When you have a child with significant disabilities, you get used to hearing “no.” From nationally recognized speech therapists who say, “Sorry,
For many of us who grew up in SoCal, one of our favorite experiences was a dark ride in Disneyland’s Tomorrowland that we called the “Monsanto” ride.
Many people didn’t realize that disability advocates also played a key role in rolling back the efforts to repeal the Affordable Care Act.  
“Trump Budget Guts Medicaid, Disability Programs” read the headline from Disability Scoop, the news service that covers developmental disabilities.
For my son and his friends at ETTA, those weekly visits are as empowering for them as they are essential for the Meals on Wheels clients.
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