Thursday, May 6, 2021
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Sex Therapist Dr. Ruth Has Ongoing Love Affair With Israel

At nearly 93, world-renowned expert on human sexuality reflects on Freud, life after the coronavirus, and her recent honorary doctorate from Ben-Gurion University.

New Legislation Needed to Prevent Another Meron Tragedy, Experts Say

Lack of crowd management and poor site planning likely to blame for tragedy.

On Earth Day, Environmentalists Warn Red Sea Coral Reefs ‘Under Severe Threat’

Popular Israeli, Jordanian and Egyptian tourist destinations also imperiled by Israel-UAE oil transport deal

Lifting of Outdoor Mask Mandate is ‘Liberating,’ Israelis Say

Cases of the coronavirus continue to plummet as some scientists claim country may have reached herd immunity

Drone Deliveries to Launch in Tel Aviv By Year’s End

Simplex Interactive is taking part in an Israel-wide pilot program aimed at establishing a commercial drone network.

Israel’s National Library Highlights World’s Oldest, Rarest Passover Haggadot

Library houses largest collection of Haggadot, from oldest printed text to rare 12th-century handwritten fragments

Is the US Signaling to Israel on Iran?

Report citing US officials of Israeli attacks on Iranian oil tankers could be intended to lower maritime tensions in the region, analysts suggest

Israel’s Restaurant Industry Will Take ‘3 to 5 Years’ to Recover

Nearly a third of restaurants and cafés have shut down for good, while those remaining struggle to recruit staff

Disastrous Mediterranean Tar Spill ‘Could Take Years to Clean Up,’ Experts Warn

Israel seeks to identify those responsible, as some 105 out 118 miles of coastline affected by black refuse

Israel’s Middle Class Slides Into Poverty

Aid organizations report surge in requests as more and more families suffer effects of economic crisis

Israeli Scientists Say They’ve Found ‘Achilles’ Heel’ of Cancer Cells

A team of researchers led by scientists at Tel Aviv University say they may have stumbled upon the “Achilles’ heel” of cancer cells, which could in the future lead to the development of an entirely new array of cancer drugs and treatments.

Easing Lockdown Should Depend on Vaccination Rate, Israeli Epidemiologist Says

Lifting local lockdown restrictions on the basis of vaccination rates could be an effective way to keep the number of Israel’s COVID-19 cases from steep increases, an epidemiologist said.

Israelis React to Biden Win in US Election

Israelis have voiced mixed feelings about US President-elect Joe Biden’s hard-fought election win, with some welcoming the change and others questioning its impact on the balance of power in the Middle East.

Bahrain, Israel, UAE Hold Historic Virtual ‘Tourism Meet’

For the first time since the signing of the Abraham Accords agreements, Israel, the United Arab Emirates and Bahrain’s top tourism officials came together...

Save the Tomato: Israeli Scientists Fight Devastating Plant Disease

THE MEDIA LINE — Israeli researchers from leading agricultural institutes have found a new way to combat a viral disease that has devastated tomato...

Mysterious Medieval ‘Escape Tunnel’ Found Beneath Jerusalem Museum (VIDEO REPORT)

THE MEDIA LINE — Archaeologists have uncovered a mysterious tunnel hidden beneath the walls of Jerusalem’s Old City at the Tower of David Museum...

Trump or Biden? Jewish Israelis Weigh In on US Vote (VIDEO REPORT)

THE MEDIA LINE — As Americans head to the polls on Tuesday, many in Israel have expressed hope that US President Donald Trump would...

Israeli Company Successfully ‘Freezes’ Breast Cancer Tumors

THE MEDIA LINE — The Israeli med-tech company IceCure Medical has reported “very promising” early results in clinical trials of its innovative breast cancer...

Israel to Launch ‘Cyber Defense Shield’ for Health Sector

Israel is preparing to inaugurate a “cyber defense shield” for the country’s health care sector amid a spike in attacks since the beginning of...

‘Worse Than Wartime’: Coronavirus Takes Toll on Israelis’ Mental Health

National hotline reports record number of calls, psychologists offer recommendations on ways to cope.

Experts Say Israel Is Ahead of Curve on Coronavirus

Israel’s battle to stop the spread of coronavirus appears to be bearing fruit and is leading many experts to express cautious optimism about these...

Massive Layoffs in Israel as Coronavirus Hits Businesses Hard

Weary travelers trickled into Israel’s Ben-Gurion Airport arrivals hall this week, their expressions bleak and their voices hushed. Many wore masks as they hurried...

Record Number of Women Elected in Israeli Municipal Elections

Analysts argue that female representation in local politics remains quite low, despite promising results Female politicians made history this week in Israel with a record...

Israelis Celebrate Jerusalem Day Amid New Political Reality

The historic and ancient city of Jerusalem has been the destination of countless religious pilgrimages for Jews, Christians and Muslims over the centuries. Yet...

Could The Iran Deal And BDS Hamper Israel’s Chances At Eurovision Competition?

Each year, hundreds of millions of people tune in to one of television’s most-watched non-sporting events: the Eurovision Song Contest. Dozens of countries participating in...