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Matthew E. Berger

Putting a question mark on Jewish earmarks

The new Democratic majority in Congress, backed by some conservative Republicans, is considering reforms that would curtail lawmakers\’ ability to anonymously insert funding for local projects into spending bills.

9/11 Museum Head Uses Shoah Lessons

For more than two decades, Alice Greenwald has been helping to give people a palpable understanding of the Holocaust through her work with the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington.

AF Academy’s New Religion Rules Hit

A number of Jewish leaders say their efforts to change the Air Force Academy\’s position on Christian proselytizing were overmatched by the evangelical community, which fought any move to restrict religious discussion on campus.

Abramoff Linked to Jewish Ventures

Specifically, Abramoff allegedly using money from a Washington charity he oversaw to fund military-style programs in the West Bank. Indian tribes donated money to tax-exempt charities, believing they were supporting anti-gambling foundations, but the money was redirected to help a \”sniper school\” in the West Bank, operated by a friend of Abramoff.

Battle Lines Emerge on Marking Holiday

The sound of angry Christians railing against the marginalization of Christmas has become the new tune of this holiday season. Across the country, from department stores to town halls, battle lines have been drawn over how to mark the winter holidays.

JDate Welcomes Gays

For all the nice Jewish boys looking for other nice Jewish boys, JDate.com has come to the rescue.

Rabbi Quits After Reported Sex Sting

An official with an educational program for Jewish high school students has resigned after allegedly searching the Internet for liaisons with underage boys and sending naked pictures of himself.

Rabbi David Kaye resigned from Panim on Oct. 31, several days before being featured on \”Dateline NBC\” seeking a sexual encounter with an underage boy in a chat room.

Air Force Flies New Tolerance Guidelines

Just in time for the High Holidays, U.S. Air Force officials are disseminating new guidelines for religious tolerance, in hopes of improving an atmosphere that some airmen say is unwelcoming to religious minorities.

However, while some are calling the new regulations a good first step, others remain concerned that little will change at the Air Force Academy and bases around the country.

Specter Trademark: Taking on Big Fights

Soon after the late ABC News anchor Peter Jennings was diagnosed with lung cancer earlier this year, Sen. Arlen Specter (R-Pa.), himself fighting Hodgkin\’s disease, wrote to the journalist.


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