Wednesday, August 5, 2020


Marcy Oster, JTA


Black Lives Matter Demonstrators in DC Chant ‘Israel, We Know You, You Murder Children, Too’

Chants also alternated between “Black lives matter!” and “Palestinian lives matter!”

3-D Printed Steaks? An Israeli Startup Will Test Them Out in High-End Restaurants.

The product has a 95 percent smaller environmental impact than producing actual beef.

Ice Cube Denies Report He Ordered Entourage to Beat up a Rabbi

Above the letter he wrote “Don’t play with me. This is just phase one.”

Swastikas Drawn on Home and Bench in Jewish Neighborhood of Baltimore

(JTA) — Swastikas were found drawn on a public bench and on the side door of a home in a Jewish neighborhood of Baltimore. The...

Palestinian Authority Says It Is Ready to Restart Peace Negotiations With Israel

JERUSALEM (JTA) — With the date set by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to begin annexing West Bank territory days away, the Palestinians appear...

Texas Prosecutor Resigns Over Sharing Facebook Post Comparing Black Lives Matter to the Nazis

(JTA) — A prosecutor in Texas has resigned over her sharing of a Facebook post that compared demonstrators against racial injustice to Nazis. Kaylynn Williford,...

Israel Strikes Hamas Targets in Retaliation for Rocket Attacks

JERUSALEM (JTA) — Israel launched airstrikes on Hamas targets in the Gaza Strip in response to two rockets fired from Gaza aimed at civilian...

Black Lives Matter UK Conflates Its Movement With the Palestinians’ Struggle on Twitter

(JTA) — Black Lives Matter in the United Kingdom conflated its movement with the Palestinians’ struggle against Israel’s “settler colonial pursuits.” “As Israel moves forward...

Sacha Baron Cohen Pranks Far-Right Rally Into Singing About Soros, Obama and Fauci

“Baron Cohen has used humor and satire to expose people’s inherent biases by depicting racists, anti-Semites, neo-Nazis, Islamophobes and others as deeply flawed."

3 Homophobic Orthodox Extremists Arrested Ahead of Jerusalem Pride Rally

In all, 27 right-wing activists were detained ahead of the Jerusalem rally.

Massachusetts Man Indicted in Attempt to Firebomb a Jewish-Sponsored Assisted Living Facility

(JTA) — A federal grand jury has indicted a Massachusetts man accused of using a homemade explosive to commit arson at a Jewish-sponsored assisted...

Porn Star Ron Jeremy Charged With Rape and Sexual Assault of 4 Women

Jewish porn star Ron Jeremy was charged in Los Angeles with rape and sexual assault against four women. The Los Angeles District Attorney announced the...

U of Cincinnati Votes to Remove Marge Schott’s Name From Its Stadium Over Her Anti-Semitism and Racism

(JTA) — The University of Cincinnati will remove Marge Schott’s name from its baseball stadium because of the late Cincinnati Reds owner’s racism and...

Austria Breaks Ground for Holocaust Memorial in Vienna

(JTA) — A new Holocaust memorial will be built in Vienna engraved with the names of 64,000 Austrian Jews killed by the Nazis. A groundbreaking...

NYC’s Museum of Jewish Heritage Laying off 40% of Staff Due to Financial Crisis Caused by Coronavirus

(JTA) — The Museum of Jewish Heritage in New York is laying off about 40 percent of its staff in order to weather the...

Chelsea Handler Apologizes for Posting Louis Farrakhan Video Clip

Comedian Chelsea Handler has apologized for posting a video clip of the anti-Semitic Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan on her Instagram account. She had...

Anti-Semites and Holocaust Deniers Are Using TikTok to Target Youth, Study Shows

The popular TikTok video-sharing service is being used for more than just awkward dances by users.

Trump Supported Israeli Attack on Iran, John Bolton Writes in Tell-All Memoir

(JTA) — President Donald Trump said he would support an Israeli attack on Iran, former U.S. National Security Adviser John Bolton said in his...

TikTok Social Media Platform Users Target Young People With Anti-Semitism and Holocaust Denial, Study Finds

JERUSALEM (JTA) — The popular TikTok video-sharing service is being used for more than just awkward dances by users, according to a new study...

Winona Ryder Opens up About Her Experience With Anti-Semitism in Hollywood

(JTA) — Actress Winona Ryder said she was passed over for a movie role because the studio head thought she looked “too Jewish” and...

Israeli Government Research Institute Says Tests of Its COVID-19 Vaccine Have Worked on Hamsters

JERUSALEM (JTA) — Researchers at an Israeli government center say that tests of a coronavirus vaccine have been successful on hamsters and the vaccine could...

Tel Aviv to Recognize Same-Sex and Interfaith Couples Not Eligible to Be Married by Israeli Authorities

Couples who live together will be allowed to register their relationship with a statement to the city.

Palestinian Authority Places 2 West Bank Cities on Lockdown Over Rise in COVID-19

More than 100 Palestinians in the West Bank tested positive for the coronavirus in 24 hours.

Republican Jewish Coalition Launches $50,000 Pro-Trump Ad Campaign with an 8-Minute Video

The video features statements from prominent Israelis, including Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

John Bolton Book Says Netanyahu Was Concerned About Jared Kushner Handling Peace Plan

(JTA) — John Bolton, a former Trump administration national security adviser, says in his new book that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu questioned Jared...

Benny Gantz Won’t Support Annexation of West Bank Territory With Large Palestinian Population, Israeli TV Reports

JERUSALEM (JTA) — Israeli Defense Minister Benny Gantz said he will not support the annexation of West Bank territory that is home to “many...

Latest news

Critics Say Netflix Series ‘The Umbrella Academy’ Promotes Anti-Semitic Stereotype Through Yiddish Scene

The scene shows lizard people controlling the world and their handler speaking Yiddish.

Tel Aviv City Hall Lights Up as Lebanese Flag to Show Solidarity Following Beirut Explosions

"Our hearts and thoughts are with the Lebanese people and all those affected by the terrible disaster in #Beirut."

Front Window of New Mexico Holocaust Museum, Featuring Photo of Civil Rights March, Smashed by Vandal

The head of the museum says the vandalism shows "why it’s necessary to have this museum."

Rashida Tlaib, Who Supports Israel Boycott, Wins Michigan Democratic Primary

Another BDS supporter, Cori Bush, won her primary the same night.