Sunday, January 17, 2021


Marcy Oster, JTA


Stabbed Israeli Border Guard Shoots to Death His Palestinian Attacker in Jerusalem

It was the first stabbing attack in Jerusalem in three months.

Florida Principal Who Told Parent He Had to Be Neutral on Holocaust Should Not Have Been Fired, Judge Rules

The judge concluded that the principal's conduct didn't amount to "gross insubordination."

Facebook Algorithms Promote Holocaust Denial Content, Think Tank Report Finds

"When a user follows public pages containing Holocaust denial content, Facebook actively promotes further Holocaust denial content to that user."

U.S. Will Not Consent to West Bank Annexation ‘for Some Time,’ Jared Kushner Says

"There shouldn’t be any urgency to applying Israeli law.”

Israeli Airstrikes Hit Hamas Targets in Gaza in Response to Rockets and Incendiary Balloons

It was the fifth night in a row that Israel struck Hamas targets.

Dallas Prayer Service ‘Zoom Bombed’ With Messages Including ‘Kill All Jews, Bomb Israel’

One of the rabbis on the Zoom call said, "This is what Tisha B’Av looks like in the year 2020."

Israeli Research Institution to Launch Human Trials of Coronavirus Vaccine

The trials will start after the High Holidays in October.

Critics Say Netflix Series ‘The Umbrella Academy’ Promotes Anti-Semitic Stereotype Through Yiddish Scene

The scene shows lizard people controlling the world and their handler speaking Yiddish.

Front Window of New Mexico Holocaust Museum, Featuring Photo of Civil Rights March, Smashed by Vandal

The head of the museum says the vandalism shows "why it’s necessary to have this museum."

Jewish and Black Historical Cemeteries Vandalized in Virginia With Nazi Symbol

The vandalism consisted of graffiti stating "777," which is Nazi shorthand.

Alexander Vindman Decries Trump’s ‘Efforts to Undermine the Very Foundations of Our Democracy’

"At no point in my career or life have I felt our nation’s values under greater threat and in more peril than at this," Vindman wrote in an op-ed in the Washington Post.

Larry Johnson, Former Kansas City Chiefs Running Back, Tweets That Jews Are Involved in Sex Trafficking, Pedophilia and More

His response to criticism was that he "angered ‘Rabbis’ from here to Israel."

Israeli Army Says It Thwarted Attack on Syrian Border by Infiltrators Who Planted Explosives

A spokesperson for the army said the Syrian regime was responsible.

White House Criticizes Twitter for Censoring Trump and Not Iran’s Khamenei Calling for Destruction of Israel

White House press secretary Kayleigh McEnany said the administration is submitting a petition to the FCC for proposed regulatory changes to hold social media companies accountable for their censorship.

Biden Fundraiser Focuses on Fighting Anti-Semitism

Jason Alexander will moderate the event.

Ontario Pulls Video Called Biased Against Israel From Online High School Course

The Ontario education minister said he was "very concerned that this offensive material was on a learning website."

Chicago Tribune Demotes Columnist Who Blamed George Soros for Violent Protests

The columnist responded: "I will not apologize for writing about Soros. I will not bow to those who’ve wrongly defamed me."

State Department Report Assesses Progress in Holocaust Property Restitution in 46 Countries

U.S. Special Envoy for Holocaust Issues Cherrie Daniels said, "We hope that this will spur further progress, of course, as countries read through their own chapters and decide how best they can meet their own commitments."

Sheldon Adelson Pledges to Pay Las Vegas Casino Employees Despite Pandemic Downturn

The pay and benefits will go through the end of October, at least.

Twitter Permanently Suspends British Rapper Wiley Over Tweets Seen as Anti-Semitic

Twitter apologized in a statement for not acting faster.

Coronavirus Patients Should Not Fast on Tisha B’Av, Israel’s Chief Rabbi Says

"To our sorrow, the plague is intensifying and we need heavenly mercy."

Minnesota Republican Group Posts Meme Comparing Mask Requirement to Holocaust’s Yellow Star of David

The meme was captioned, "Just put on the star and quit complaining, it’s really not that hard. Just put on the mask and stop complaining.”

Republican Senator From Georgia Runs Campaign Ad Showing Jewish Challenger Jon Ossoff With Elongated Nose

A spokeswoman for the senator claimed it was "an inadvertent error."

Facebook Suspends U.K. Rapper Wiley After He Moves His Messages Toward Jews There

Wiley also has been suspended from Twitter for seven days.

Israeli Army Says It Thwarted Hezbollah Infiltrators From Lebanon

Around 3-5 Hezbollah operatives had traveled into northern Israel before Israeli soldiers drove them back into Lebanon.

Balloons Carrying Rocket Explosive Lands in Southern Israel

Israeli police conducted a controlled detonation of the explosive.

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