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Lisa Alcalay Klug

Gear Up for an Israel Vacation

We\’ve identified select products to help with common travel dilemmas. Peruse our list for solutions to help you pack light, avoid sunburns, save on batteries and more.

Nefesh Immigrants Cite Smoother Aliyah

When Fairfax resident Yasmine Noury boarded an El Al flight late last year, she joined the growing ranks of North American Jews who immigrated to Israel in 2005.

Spice Up Pesachat Ixtapa Club Med

Kayaking, catamarans and savory kabobs are all on the menu at the kosher Club Med program in Ixtapa, Mexico. The weather is warm, the sunsets are spectacular and the meals are to \”live for.\”

Families, Singles Get Ready to Set Sail

The leaves have turned, the days are shorter and Chanukah, the holiday of lights, glimmers ahead. With the winter looming, juicy possibilities await, with plenty of exotic, warm weather options. So go ahead and plan your first big escape of 2006. Or surprise a loved one by booking a post-Chanukah adventure. This might just be the trip of a lifetime.

Skip the Tsuris of Chanukah Shopping

With Chanukah coinciding with the rush for the \”other holiday,\” why spend unnecessary time hunting for parking at the mall or waiting in line? We\’ve surveyed some of the hottest catalogs and Web sites for eight nights of creative gifts. Best of all, you can order in a hurry online or by phone.

Qumran Offers Look at Legacy of Scrolls

Archaeologists believe the Essenes were highly concerned with maintaining their ritual purity and bathed at least twice a day. An aqueduct system caught water from the hills above and channeled it into an elaborate series of mikvahs, or ritual baths.

The Treasures on Top of the Mountain

Masada, which represents a stronghold of Jewish courage and defiance, is among Israel\’s most visited sites. Located in the Judean Desert, adjacent to the Dead Sea, King Herod the Great built Masada 2,100 years ago as both his winter palace and a place where he would retreat in times of crisis.

Bike the Big Apple

Chasidic Williamsburg, Roosevelt Island and Long Island City are easily navigable by bicycle, but given New York\’s frenetic pace, you might prefer an expert take you there.


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