Saturday, December 5, 2020


Larry Greenfield


Bruce Herschensohn : A Friend of Freedom

Bruce Herschensohn, the wise, witty and warmly admired conservative influencer and media personality, has passed away in California at the age of 88.

No Labels: The Group Fighting for the Political Center

Talk about political ambition. At a time of such bitter partisanship — lawsuits and recounts for the 2020 presidential election; control of the U.S. Senate hinging...

Country First

Americans have long shared a beautiful land, a spirit of mutual destiny, and, certainly, common enemies. Sixteen million Americans served in uniform in World War...


Live election results and coverage of the 2020 presidential election between Donald Trump and Joe Biden, and the race for the U.S. Senate and House of Representatives.

Trump’s Iran Plan is Best

The election choice between President Donald Trump and former Vice President Joseph Biden will have major consequences for U.S. national security interests as they relate to the Islamic Republic of Iran.

Anti-Slavery Was Built Into the American Founding

Righteous indignation at the legacy of American slavery has inspired appropriate and serious moral conversation.

Demanding a Better Education for Our Children Shouldn’t Be This Difficult, But it Is

Education sits at the center of our culture wars, and young minority students are the biggest casualties.

What Risks Does Defunding the Police Entail?

A recent poll showed that by more than 2 to 1, Americans oppose the notion of defunding the police.

Would a President Biden Be Good for Israel?

Joseph R. Biden Jr. has a 40-year history of outreach to the American Jewish community, with frequent expressions of support for Israel. He opposes...

The Timetable for Ending the Quarantine

A Harvard white paper from the Safra Center for Ethics reminds us that the Italian word quarantine refers to 40 days. The social distancing stay-at-home orders, the...

Is Impeachment Ahead for Donald Trump?

As written by Finley Peter Dunne in 1895, fictional philosopher Mr. Dooley once asserted “politics ain’t beanbag.” This means the lives of politicians on...

When it Comes to Guns Reason, Not Rage

In response to recent gun violence, triggered activists are threatening to “pack” the Supreme Court if it doesn’t overturn the Second Amendment, and “active...

President Donald Trump is the Chemo During These Divisive Times 

Editor's Note: This week's cover story was written in two parts and shares two perspectives on the topic of Donald Trump's presidency. To read the...

My Fantasy State of the Union

My fellow Americans,   Presidents often assert that the state of our union is strong. This year, it’s more complicated.  As ever, parents and teachers serve...

Writers, Gone but Not Forgotten

2018 saw the passing of a sweeping and diverse variety of important and admired writers. Tom Wolfe, America’s most celebrated chronicler of our age, invented...

An Open Letter to the Pope 

Dear Pope Francis, Bishop of Rome, and Servant of the Servants of God, Forgive me for raising some concerns that I suspect reflect the hearts...

On 41, 43 and the Original George Bush

Little noted in the remem-brances of former President George H.W.  Bush, including his loving eldest son’s, former President George W. Bush, is their namesake...

Marriage in Crisis: California vs. Washington

Talk about irony. In 1845, the government in Mexico City ordered the Mexican governor of Alta California to deny entry to immigrants from the United States, and...

Can Trump Pull Off a Deal to Disarm North Korea?

Last week, the United States and North Korea stunned the world as they announced their plan to have a summit for their two respective...

Blessings of Missile Defense

Iran broke the seal on its conflict with Israel last week. Instead of using one of its many terror proxies to attack Israel, it...

Is the European Right Good for the Jews?

The doors to modern left-wing anti-Semitism in Europe were opened long ago by the secular hero of the French Enlightenment, Voltaire, who famously said...

King’s Dream

Fifty years after the 1968 assassination of Rev. Martin Luther King Jr., Americans work, play, trade, travel, study and dine together across racial lines. There...

Republican Proposals Are a Good Start

Presidents Calvin Coolidge, John F. Kennedy, Ronald Reagan and George Bush (43) all organized major tax cuts that generated significant economic growth. Donald Trump has...

It Was A Fraud From the Start. It’s Time to Decertify It.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and President George W. Bush discussed both regime change for the Republic of Iran and the pre-emption of its nuclear program. By...

Why Trump is right on DACA

President Donald Trump’s decision on “Dreamers” actually reflects a broadly held, nuanced consensus regarding the status of immigrants brought into this country as children of...

A legacy of O

When he ran for President, Barack Obama promoted \"we are not red states or blue states, but the United States.\" He didn’t mean it.

A Grade of W

Modern American presidencies do not end well.

In the eyes of American and Torah laws, Williams should die for his heinous crimes.

In the case of the People v. Williams, the facts are quite clear. A jury convicted Stanley Tookie Williams of the execution-style murder of 23-year-old Albert Owens during a robbery of a 7-Eleven store in Whittier. The jury also convicted him of murdering the owners of a Los Angeles motel, Tsai-Shai Yang, 62, and Yen-I Yang, 65, and their 42-year-old daughter, Yee Chen Lin, in the course of a robbery two weeks later. The American justice system has been patient and thorough, and its verdict is clear: It is legal, proper and high time that Williams should die.

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Bahrain: Goods from Israeli Settlements Will Be Designated “Made In Israel”

The Bahraini Commerce and Tourism Minister announced that all goods imported from Israeli settlements in the West Bank will be labeled as “Made In Israel.”

Bari Weiss, Rose Ritch Discuss College Anti-Semitism on Webinar

Author Bari Weiss moderated a Zoom webinar discussion with three Jewish students about anti-Semitism on college campuses on December 3. The webinar, which was part...

6 Prominent Holocaust Survivors Have Died in Europe Over the Past Month

Six prominent Holocaust survivors who had dedicated much of their lives to educating others against hatred have died in Europe over the past month.

Jewish Man Says Company Fired Him After Refusing to Write BLM Press Release

A Jewish man has alleged that a company fired him because he refused to draft a Black Lives Matter (BLM) press release due to...

New Iranian Law Ramps Up Uranium Enrichment — If Biden Doesn’t Reenter Deal

Iran’s parliament passed a law on Wednesday aimed at pressuring President-elect Joe Biden to reenter the Iran nuclear deal almost as soon as he assumes office.