Karmel Melamed

Karmel Melamed

Sexual Taboos Split Persian Generations

Like many single Jews, Sharona Saghian met her husband on JDate, the Internet dating service aimed at Jewish singles. Although by doing so, the 28-year-old broke her community\’s old, venerated matchmaking traditions.\n\nSaghian is Persian and in her community most parents prefer to know the background of their child\’s prospective mate when dating begins.

Political Activism Inspires Iranians

Iran\’s growing nuclear threat has activated members of Los Angeles\’ Iranian Jewish community to participate in this year\’s presidential campaigns and make their voices heard.

Persian Shul Adopts Membership System

For centuries, Persian Jews have traditionally raised funds for religious activities by auctioning off or bidding on aliyot, the bringing out of the Torah and other rituals during Shabbat and holiday services. But after 25 years in Los Angeles, Persian Jews are beginning to embrace the concept of membership.

Local Iranians Counsel Congress

As Iran\’s fundamentalist regime has increased its persecution of Jews and become a major sponsor of terrorism in the Middle East, local Iranian Jewish leaders have stepped up efforts to inform U.S. officials of the increasing danger posed by the Islamic nation.

Only Iranian Shoah Survivor Shares Life

In August 1939, Menashe Ezrapour could have escaped the horrors of the Holocaust by boarding a train in the French city of Grenoble, but instead, he chose to stay, ultimately becoming the only known Shoah survivor of Iranian Jewish descent interned in concentration and work camps during World War II.

Center Aids Iranians in Need of Help

After only a few months in Los Angeles, Shirley N., a 30-year-old Jewish immigrant from Iran, almost returned to her homeland because of financial difficulties.

King of Hearts Loves to Play Matchmaker

He\’s not your typical yenta, he\’s not JDate and he\’s certainly not your grandmother\’s cousin once removed, but Asher Aramnia loves making love connections for local Jewish singles.\n\nWith countless successful matches to his credit, Aramnia\’s matchmaking activities through the Iranian Jewish Chronicle (Chashm Andaaz) magazine, which is operated by the Eretz-SIAMAK Cultural Center in Tarzana, has become something of a unique surprise in the local Jewish community, where women traditionally help Jewish singles find their soulmates.

Splintered Persian Groups Merge

The merger of the three groups signifies a desire within the Iranian Jewish community for greater participation in the larger Jewish community and a desire to attract Jewish youth to its cause. After more than two decades in the Southland, Persian Jews are organizing to present a united front for their community.


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