Karen Lehrman Bloch

Karen Lehrman Bloch

Karen Lehrman Bloch is a cultural critic; author of The Lipstick Proviso: Women, Sex & Power in the Real World (Doubleday) and The Inspired Home: Interiors of Deep Beauty (Harper Design); Editor of International Political Affairs at The Weekly Blitz; and curator of the book and exhibition Passage to Israel (Skyhorse).

Dear Candace Owens (Part 2)

Most recently, in a podcast and three, well, rants, you accuse a segment of Jews of being dishonest, disgusting, manipulative, thugs, and Marxists. 

Why the UN Hates this Man

For more than 20 years, as executive director of UN Watch, Hillel Neuer has been exposing the blatant discrimination against Israel at the United Nations and its subsidiary groups. They all wish he would go away.

The Other White Supremacists

Anti-Israel protests have brought to the fore a contingent that would please both Hitler and Stalin: they’re white, neo-Marxist, ignorant—and despise Jews.

Reinventing Education for the Digital Age

OpenDor Media is reaching the next generation — who are growing up with blatant antisemitism, both online and off ­— with credible information in a language they can understand.

Can Things Get Even Worse in 2024?

In the wake of an alarming rise in Jew-hatred across the world and on college campuses, the Jewish community is confronting an anxious future.

A Light in the Darkness

Gordon Gallery, a prominent contemporary art gallery founded in Tel Aviv in 1966, opened its NYC space with a group show featuring such leading Israeli artists as Gilad Efrat, Moshe Kupferman, Yaacov Dorchin, and Rita Alima.

Fighting Hate with Pride, not Fear

It’s now time to put all politics aside and allow our unity as a people to help us not just get through this but also to make us stronger so that it truly will never happen again.

Jihadi Marxism

Hamas’s three top leaders alone are worth a stunning $11 billion, enjoying a life of luxury in the sanctuary of Qatar.

The Anti-Rebels

Has there ever been a time in history when the reaction to tragedies is nearly as bad as the tragedy itself?

Battle for the Soul of Israel: 50 Years Later

Moved by the death of her cousin in the Yom Kippur War, years later photographer Hallie Lerman traveled to Israel and learned how he died. On the war’s fiftieth anniversary, we revisit her story and her book.


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