September 19, 2019


Rabbi Uriel Vigler was heading to morning prayers on Tuesday as he does every day on Manhattan’s Upper East Side, just before 7 a.m.,
The Florida Senate unanimously passed an anti-Semitism bill.Prior to the discussion and vote Monday, the senators held a moment of silence...
The parents of the alleged Poway synagogue shooter issued a statement condemning their son and the “darkness” that led to...
The Israeli ambassador to the United States linked The New York Times to the “Jew-hatred of growing parts of the intellectual class.”
Anti-Semitic incidents in Canada rose to a record high for the third consecutive year, according to an annual audit by B’nai Brith Canada...
Jewish groups mourned the death of their member, Lori Gilbert-Kaye, who was shot and killed in the attack at a Chabad synagogue in...
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