June 18, 2019


A historic 179-year-old Conservative synagogue in New York’s Upper West Side is moving forward with plans to house a 14-story apartment building.
Peretz got 33 percent of the vote, Avi Gabbay got 27 percent and Herzog, who has served as the party’s chief for one four-year term, got 16 percent.
Lawyers for a Jewish woman in Montana say they are unable to track down a neo-Nazi she is suing for launching a harassment campaign against her.
Israel’s Ashkenazi Chief Rabbi David Lau said in a letter that he did not know of the existence of a “blacklist” of Diaspora rabbis.
The ADL expressed concern about a recent Jay-Z lyric but emphasized that it did not believe that the rapper intended to promote anti-Semitism.
A Muslim website called on pro-Palestinian activists to crash a Paris Holocaust memorial event to protest Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu’s attendance.
The heritage committee of UNESCO passed a Palestinian-led motion calling Hebron’s Old City an endangered heritage site despite protests by Israel.
At the time of the first arrest, Ocean County Prosecutor Joseph Coronato said his office had warned the Lakewood community about committing welfare fraud.
Ivanka Trump, the Jewish daughter of President Donald Trump, laid a wreath at the memorial for the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising in Poland.
Omri Casspi, the first Israeli to play in the National Basketball Association, signed a one-year contract with the 2017 champion Golden State Warriors.
American pop icon Britney Spears was mobbed by fans during a visit to the Western Wall.
Qatar has become the third Arab-majority country to ban the screening of the movie “Wonder Woman” because lead actress Gal Gadot is Israeli.
Israel and Russia were the only two countries to have a more favorable view of President Donald Trump than Barack Obama, at the end of his time in office.
A coalition of Jewish organizations led by the RAC of Reform Judaism urged members of the U.S. Senate to oppose the bill that would repeal Obamacare.
The couples were arrested Monday in raids that resulted from an investigation into Lakewood, a town that is home to a large Charedi Orthodox community.
38-year-old Rabbi Pinchas Elya Weinberger was found dead in his bed at a Chasidic Jewish camp in upstate New York.
Two former officials who served as the State Department’s special envoy to combat anti-Semitism called on President Donald Trump to fill the position.
Jewish groups denounced the banning of Jewish Pride flags at a lesbian march in Chicago and called for an apology.
The Jewish resettlement agency HIAS decried the U.S. Supreme Court’s decision to allow parts of President Donald Trump’s travel ban to be enforced.
Sen. Bernie Sanders and wife, Jane Sanders, have hired attorneys in the FBI investigation of her alleged bank fraud sought originally by the Trump campaign.
Gal Gadot, the Israeli star of the film “Wonder Woman,” rose to No. 1 on The Hollywood Reporter’s Top Actors list.
The Jewish Agency announced the cancellation on Monday, the day of the dinner. The statement also said the group would change its entire agenda.
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s Cabinet has frozen a government decision to create an official egalitarian prayer section at the Western Wall.
The Ku Klux Klan still “poses a threat to society,” though it is relatively unstable and unorganized, according to the Anti-Defamation League.
American billionaire Sheldon Adelson will provide about $20 million for the major expansion of a West Bank university.
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