Picture of Jonathan Sher, ZAVIT* Science and the Environment News Agency

Jonathan Sher, ZAVIT* Science and the Environment News Agency

Say No to Overflow: a Solution Against Floods?

A new Israeli invention – rainwater storage tanks to be placed on residential buildings and controlled by a computerized system – may reduce the load on the drainage systems in cities, thereby helping to minimize the dangerous floods Israel has encountered in the recent winters.

The forest can’t be seen for the beetles

The balance of power in the forests has been maintained for years, yet now tiny beetles threaten to take over our pines. A new study suggests using inanimate forest rangers: “trap trees” which would keep the miniature pests away from the trees

What a Waste!

Who are the Israelis that go out into nature and leave dump after them? A new study exposes an unpleasant truth: we are those Israelis

The Robotic Farmers of the Future

Israeli researchers from the Technion are developing a solution that addresses the shortages in seasonal harvesters: robots that pick fruit for us.

Hotter Summers, Higher Health Risks

A new Israeli study from the Technion finds an uninterrupted rise in the country’s temperature and humidity rates. Not only does this feel unpleasant, it is also dangerously unhealthy long-term.

Why Did the Judean Hills Fire Grow So Large?

The fire that broke out in the Judean Hills last summer raged in areas where extensive efforts had been made to prevent fires. So what went wrong, and how can the next big fire be prevented?

How Green Can Judaism Get?

With the climate crisis at the forefront of the national conversation, there has been an uptick in religious communities integrating sustainability into their own practices. Will this set a new standard going forward?


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