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Lili Weinberg: A Long March Out of Darkness Toward Hope

“Zu zwei,” the female SS guard shouted. “In twos.”  Eighteen-year-old Lili Montag — now Weinberg — grabbed her little sister Agi’s hand and quickly lined...

‘I Think Daddy Was a Ritchie Boy’

While growing up in the San Fernando Valley, twins Susan Rabinek Birnberg and Judy Rabinek Felkai heard stories of their father’s wartime experiences. Paul...

Sonja Rosenwald: Parents Took Steps to Preserve Her Safety

Fifteen-year-old Sonja Zyskind, dressed as a boy in pants and a shirt, her braids concealed under a cap, walked with Mrs. Novak, a former...

Restoring Family Links More Than 70 Years After the Holocaust

“Liana?” “Johnny?” Tears streamed ivown Johnny Herzberg’s face as he stared at his computer in his Playa del Rey home on March 25, 2014. On the...

James Bachner: A Getaway, Forced Labor and Then, Finally, War’s End

On Jim Bachner’s first morning in Auschwitz-Birkenau in mid-September 1943, after a sleepless night on the cold, crowded floor of an unfinished barracks, he...

Philip Raucher: Performed Dangerous Work, Then Hid Among Corpses

Phil Raucher, nearly 18 and recovering from a cold and fever, lay on a bunk in the sick block as the SS began evacuating...

Race to Aid Eastern Europe’s Forgotten Survivors

In 1941, Iraida Solomonova, an 18-year-old slave laborer in Kuibyshev, U.S.S.R., was arrested by the NKVD, the Soviet secret police. She was tortured and...

Mina Wilner: Saved by a ‘Remarkable Woman’

Late one afternoon in July 1942, Mina Lejzerowicz, 12, dutifully accompanied her parents and two younger brothers to a spot in the Warsaw Ghetto...

Survivors Lya Frank and Elly Rubin: Former hidden children ‘have a story to tell’

On the evening of April 18, 1943, as Lya and Elly Meijers were being bundled up by their parents, they were told, “You’re going...

Survivor: Peter Epstein: ‘There was misery all around you’

In September 1943, Peter Epstein, along with his mother, brother and grandfather, was awakened in the middle of the night by German soldiers and...

Clara Knopfler: Side by side, daughter and mother faced horrors, found hope

Klara Deutsch was among the first survivors, along with her mother, Pepi, to return to her hometown of Cehul Silvaniei, Romania, in late April...

Rachel Gastfrajnd Schwartz: Teamed with her sister during worst times

When Rachel Gastfrajnd and her older sister, Henrietta, first reached Detroit, in September 1946, Rachel was eager to write about how they survived the...

Survivor Av Perlmutter: ‘Angel’ watched over him

“Where’s Adolf Perlmutter?” one of the German soldiers shouted, bursting into Suzanne Cohen’s house in Amsterdam in March 1943, rushing past a 15-year-old boy...

Who will tell survivors’ stories when they’re gone?

In the spring of 2011, David Benson, found himself walking with his grandmother, Holocaust survivor Sidonia Lax, down the “black path” that once led...

Survivor Celina Biniaz: The youngest of Schindler’s Jews

“Get in rows. March,” the block leader ordered the nearly 300 women in the Auschwitz barracks who had arrived from the Plaszow concentration camp...

Survivor Dana Schwartz: Dark past can’t hold back this ‘American girl’

“Don’t hug him. Don’t kiss him. Say goodbye like you hardly know him,” Lusia Schapira instructed her 7-year-old daughter, Dana (then Danusia), as they...

Survivor Eva Trenk: In camps and in hiding throughout Slovakia

It was Chanukah 1941 and 4-year-old Eva Trenk (née Juskovicova) sat at the dining room table with her parents and older brother, Artur, in...

Survivor Michele Rodri: Shuttled from place to place until danger passed

On a Thursday afternoon in April 1942, Michele Rodri (née Rosenberg) was playing hopscotch with three non-Jewish girlfriends outside her family’s home in the Parisian suburb of Neuilly-sur-Seine when two SS officers approached them.

Survivor Amrom Deutsch: A brush with death before liberation

Eighteen-year-old Amrom Deutsch stood in line with his parents and five of his siblings as the Jews of Sighet, then part of Hungary, were evacuated from the ghetto and crammed into a string of waiting cattle cars, more than 80 in each wagon.

Survivor Susi Kaminski Klein: Asleep in the synagogue on ‘Night of Broken Glass’

Susi Klein (née Kaminski), almost 9, was jolted awake by loud pounding on the large wooden synagogue doors. Her father, Josef, came running into the bedroom she shared with her older brother, Heinz, in the family’s ground-floor apartment in the synagogue in Reichenbach, Germany.

Survivor Charles Selarz: Hard labor, love and eventual freedom

Charles Selarz, then Chaim Szklarz, was standing outside with a few friends in early September 1939 when German aircraft suddenly attacked their town of Wohyn, Poland, firebombing the small houses clustered within a two-block area, where the town’s approximately 1,000 Jews lived.

Survivor Lore Rosen: Saved by Kindertransport and self-reliance

On the morning of Nov. 10, 1938, a date that would come to be known as Kristallnacht, 14-year-old Lore Rosen (nee Baron) left for school from the fifth-floor, walk-up apartment where she lived with her mother in Mannheim, Germany.

Magda Kahan: Saved, ‘because I had somebody’

\"Give us your jewelry.” The two Hungarian men startled Magda Kahan — then Meisels — and her mother, who were standing in the kitchen of a small house they shared with another family in the Munkacs ghetto.

Sidi Grunstein Gluck: More than half a dozen camps, then liberation

\"Whose child?” Dr. Josef Mengele demanded, looking down at Sidi Grunstein’s younger sister, Vera, age 6, who stood before him flanked by Sidi, 21, and their mother, tightly gripping their hands.

Survivor Sidi Grunstein Gluck: More than half a dozen camps, then liberation

“Whose child?” Dr. Josef Mengele demanded, looking down at Sidi Grunstein’s younger sister, Vera, age 6, who stood before him flanked by Sidi, 21, and their mother, tightly gripping their hands.

Jacob Bresler: Riding out tribulation and making it to liberation

Mid-morning on Sept. 1, 1939, Jacob Bresler was playing at the one-pump gas station near his family’s apartment in Uniejow, Poland, rolling the metal rim of an automobile wheel with a wire stick, when a bomb suddenly exploded at the town hall, diagonally across the street.

Marthe Cohn: A Jewish spy infiltrates Nazi Germany

\"Go. Now!” Marthe Cohn (nee Hoffnung), was crouching in a forest, dressed in a skirt and jacket, with white socks covering her silk stockings.

Survivor: David Wiener

David Wiener was standing on the corner outside his family’s apartment house in Lodz at sundown on Nov. 15, 1939, when German trucks abruptly swarmed the Altshtot (Old Town) synagogue across the street.

Survivor Fred Klein: ‘No name, no number’

The doorbell rang at 6:45 a.m. on Sept. 1, 1939, waking 17-year-old Fred (then Friedrich) Klein, who was at home in Pilsen, Czechoslovakia, on vacation from art school in Prague.

Survivor Paula Lebovics: Staying alive by making herself invisible

“If he can work, I can work, too,” 9-year-old Paula Lebovics — then Pesa Balter — told herself after her older brother, Josef, 14, left the small, rat-infested room that had served as one of their many hiding places in the defunct brick factory for many weeks, ever since the Ostrowiec ghetto was liquidated on June 10, 1943.

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