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Low Expectations

The broad range of Jewish public policy concerns are distilled to a few litmus-test questions, almost all on the Middle East; candidates are encouraged to spit back slogans, not detailed explanations of what they really think or what they would really do once in office.

The Hope Deficit

Since the latest spasm of Mideast violence began almost a month ago, American Jewish leaders have been getting together for almost daily conference calls.

St. Joe Faces the Image Crunch

For Joseph Lieberman, elevated to a kind of sainthood by a press corps enraptured by his Orthodox Judaism and his image of rectitude, the next few weeks could offer some harsh splashes of reality.


Long before last August, when he had his bar mitzvah at Santa Monica\’s Beth Shir Shalom, 13-year-old Alex Miller has practiced what he has been preached: charity and tikkun olam.
For him, it all began in 1996, when Miller\’s third grade class participated in Super Sunday.

\”I really enjoyed it,\” he recalls. \”Whenever a phone opened up, me and my friend would run for it.\”


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