April 2, 2020

Iris Mann

Mark St. Germain’s play “Freud’s Last Session,” envisions a fictional debate over the existence of God between atheist Sigmund Freud...
How does one come to terms with the death of a spouse after a happy, fulfilling marriage of 57 years? That’s the struggle facing the protagonist,
When playwright Tania Wisbar was growing up, her mother shared little about her past in wartime Germany. When she did, "It
A white, Jewish college student tries to join an African-American sorority, with disastrous results in the new play “The Daughters of the Kush,” now...
Comedy, violence and sex collide in the play “Daytona” by British actor and playwright Oliver Cotton. The work is now being presented by Rogue Machine.
Architect Alfred Willer is the subject of a biographical documentary “Red Trees,” crafted by his daughter, Marina Willer.
Some of this summer’s more notable films explore Middle East terrorism, World War II battles and global warming, while others cover music and photography.
The film by Avi Nesher is based on the book “Can Heaven Be Void?” by Holocaust survivor Baruch Milch, one of the movie’s main characters.