Picture of Gerald M. Steinberg

Gerald M. Steinberg

Defunding the NGO Terror-Linked Propaganda Network

Year after year, the network received tens of millions from European governments and private donors who looked the other way or even applauded as the NGOs launched repeated assaults on Israel through false accusations of apartheid and war crimes.

“Celebrating” 20 Years Since the UN Durban Hatefest

They met just a few days after an inhuman atrocity in Jerusalem which killed and maimed Israelis in a pizzeria filled with teenagers and young families. But the Durban participants made no mention of Palestinian bombings or of the victims; for the self-proclaimed leaders of international morality, Israelis do not have human rights.

Another “Perfect Storm” in Jerusalem

The combination of violence and the “eviction” narrative became headline stories in the international media, and governmental officials, including in the Biden Administration, issued the standard calls for restraint by all sides.


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