January 28, 2020

Evan Henerson

Documentarian David Anton got the man known worldwide as Captain Kirk to share — of all things — a cherished Hanukkah memory.
Dov Rosenblatt recalls playing at Rockwood Music Hall during the summer of 2017 with Ami Kozak and Duvid Swirsky, his bandmates of Distant Cousins.
Playing the predatory agent Ari Gold for eight seasons on HBO’s “Entourage” and one film,  Jeremy Piven generated plenty of laughs
When actors talk about tackling the works of Shakespeare, they talk about richly layered villains, eloquent lovers and the “Everests”
A wise man once said, “To pray to a manifestation of God is to misdirect the source of its manifestation. It is to think a ship’s mast is
It felt like the petite, RBG, Brooklyn-born Justice with the oversized glasses had penetrated every segment of the cultural landscape. 
The atrocities at Auschwitz cannot be contained by any existing theatrical space or any single 60-minute performance
After Conching Matthews was displaced from her Riverside County home in Murrieta, she returned to the West Adams house in Los Angeles where she grew up,
Even if you can’t place the face behind it, you will probably recognize that voice. Cranky and abrasive, a Brooklyn bray perfectly pitched...
Danny Strong, writer and director of the new film “Rebel in the Rye,” was doing just fine writing what he found interesting but didn’t know.
For Paul Shaffer, reassembling his late-night bandmates for an album and a tour was a decidedly “dangerous” endeavor.
It’s not that surprising that Ben Platt, star of “Dear Evan Hansen,” is the favorite to win Best Actor in a musical when the Tony Awards are handed out.
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