Tuesday, June 2, 2020


Elissa Strauss


French Israeli singer-songwriter Yael Naim infuses Apple Computers with ‘New Soul’

Generating buzz for pop music was once the territory of MTV and radio, but television advertisements are quickly becoming musical tastemakers, and there is no hipper marketer on this front than Apple. No wonder, then, that Yael Naim\'s song, \"New Soul,\" featured in the ubiquitous MacBook Air commercial, has garnered the French Israeli singer a nearly instant burst of popularity.

TV: Suze Orman isn’t all about the money — she has a spiritual side, too

Despite the fact that Orman has not been associated with Judaism in any traditional sense for decades, this search for purpose continues to inform her work. She says she is still a spiritually inquisitive person and that she has never stopped contemplating the concept of God.

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Jews Are Fasting to Honor George Floyd

"There will be no point in the day that I will not be thinking about George Floyd, Antwon Rose Jr., and my black friends and neighbors."

Downtown L.A. Jewish-Owned Bike Store Looted

Yehuda Masjedi, who lives in Pico-Robertson, turned off his phone in the run-up to the Shavuot holiday on May 28. When Shabbat ended, he...

Local Organization Sets Up Fund for Looted, Jewish-Owned Stores

As looters made their way down Beverly Boulevard during the George Floyd protests on Saturday May 30, they broke into Jewish businesses, sprayed graffiti...

‘We Will Not Sit Idly By’: Jewish Organizations React to Demonstrations Over George Floyd’s Death

Multiple Jewish organizations have released statements reacting to the demonstrations occurring all over the country and in the Los Angeles area after the death...