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Denise Berger

Solace in SoCal

It may seem an auspicious time to bring Israeli artists over to America, as Israel has been in a virtual state of war since the beginning of the second intifada, and America is on the brink of war as well; but in a way, the timing could not have been better to discover what role museums play amid chaos.

Beyond Miracles and Maccabees

My mother was surprised when I said I was reviewing Chanukah books for kids. \”Is there a lot out there?\” she asked.

Reading Into the Holidays

A few years ago, Aish HaTorah Rabbi Yaacov Deyo (of SpeedDating fame) presented me with a book before Rosh Hashana. With this simple, gracious gesture he changed forever the way I relate to what can be the most daunting time on the Jewish calendar.


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