Friday, September 25, 2020


Deborah Danan


The CEO Creating ‘Joy Ventures’ in the Well-Being Space

Her company supports, funds and builds science-backed consumer products in the well-being space.

Nazi-Era Restitution: One Woman’s #MyPropertyStory

The five-week campaign by the World Jewish Restitution Organization aims to shine a light on the theft of property from Jewish communities by the Nazis.

Einat Levi: The Civilian Ambassador to Morocco

She also is a researcher at the Mitvim think tank, specializing in Israeli-Moroccan relations, and has become something of an unofficial Israeli ambassador to Morocco.

This Activist Converted a Strip Club Into a Center for Jewish Learning

We realized we just can’t compete with the story of the place. It’s too powerful...Every activity... is charged with a special significance.

The Father of Faith-Based Diplomacy

In 2004, he established the Israel Allies Caucus in the U.S. House of Representatives.

The ‘Israel Experience’ CEO Navigating a Pandemic PR Crisis

Hermon is still at the forefront of Jewish leadership as the CEO of Israel Experience, the Jewish Agency’s educational subsidiary .

The Orthodox Female Spiritual Leader Working with Converts

Sapir is the only the ninth woman in Israel to have successfully completed the five-year course.

A Father, Electrical Engineer Created a Device that Helps Understand Baby Talk

The real-time functions comprise lifesaving alerts as well as alerting the caregiver what the baby needs based on his or her cry.

After 13 Years, this Druze Pastry Maker is Taking on a New Profession

It’s Safaa Saba’s last day at her knafeh business, and the end of her career as a knafeh maker (knafeh is a Middle Eastern sweet cheese pastry).

How Hen Mazzig is Advocating for Jews and Israel Online

Mazzig reclaimed the anti-semitic Twitter hashtag #JewishPrivilege so Jews could recount their own experiences of being Jewish.

The British Veterinarian Producing Anti-Viral Masks

The SonoMasks, as they’re known, are able to fend off harmful microorganisms using zinc oxide, which has antiviral properties.

Meet the Law Professor Laying Out the Facts on Annexation

Scan any news story from the past two years relating to Israel’s legal rights and you’re likely to come across professor Eugene Kontorovich’s name.

This Elementary School Teacher is Highlighting the Positives of Zoom Learning

“School should be for the social aspect and peer learning. Remote learning has a ton of other benefits.”

The Scavenger Game Creator Connecting People Around the World

When Tali Kaplinski Tarlow began her scavenger-game business a decade ago, an employee quipped, “One day, you’ll create an empire.” At the time, she...

The Nonprofit CEO Sharing Israeli Technology Around the Globe

COVID-19 Solutions shares Israeli-tested initiatives for people around the world, help the country's image and those in need.

The EMDR Specialist Helping to Alleviate Pandemic and Protest Fears

In light of the fears surrounding the outbreak of the coronavirus, psychiatrist Gary Quinn, director of the EMDR Institute of Israel, has developed a...

Global Startup Turns Elders Into SAGES Who Teach Online Classes

Esther Hershcovich, holds down a full-time job at a Tel Aviv architectural firm while simultaneously focusing on her global startup — SAGE. Originally, Hershcovich envisioned...

After Experiencing Anti-Semitism, This Israeli Nonprofit Leader is Working to Fight it Online

Tomer Aldubi has experienced his fair share of anti-Semitism while on trips abroad — from the man at a Barcelona bar who said, “I can...

This Event Hall Chef Is Cooking Up 1,000 Meals A Day For Families in Need

Event halls have been particularly hard hit by the coronavirus crisis. Gaya, in the central Israeli town of Ness Ziona, was no exception. Within...

To Keep Their Cleaners On the Payroll, Facetune Turned Them Into High-Tech Employees

Breeah Berezin-Bahr gushes when talking about her employer, Israeli high-tech company Lightricks, which created the global photo editing software Facetune. "Lightricks is my new religion,”...

The Paramedic Creating Affordable Ventilator Blueprints

With the advent of the coronavirus pandemic and the shortage of ventilators, one Israeli nonprofit hoping to ameliorate the situation is AmboVent, which provides...

Photojournalist Captures Incredible Moving Salt Formations in the Dead Sea

In 2016, photojournalist Noam Bedein pushed off the crystallized shores of the Dead Sea in a kayak, hoping to document some of the dramatic...

Frontline Doctors and Nurses Are Overwhelmed. ‘Adopt a Doctor’ Offers To Do Their Personal Chores.

When Adi Karmon Scope first put out a call for volunteers to help with personal chores at the homes of doctors, nurses and other...

The Man Who Prints 3-D PPE

Acute shortage of medical equipment is one of the chief problems facing countries around the world in fighting the coronavirus pandemic. Manufacturers simply cannot...

New Initiative Delivers Seders to Needy Holocaust Survivors

With the coronavirus pandemic keeping people at home for Passover this year, the Israeli nonprofit Adopt-A-Safta is now offering Seder in a Box to...

The Tour Operator Rescuing Stranded Israelis During COVID-19

Yacov Amsalem’s business partner called from the United Kingdom and said, “We’re on the BBC!” The news item was about stranded British vacationers in the...

The Israeli Nurse Treating COVID-19 Patients

When 32-year-old Rachel Gemara volunteered for the new COVID-19 ward in Jerusalem’s Shaare Zedek Medical Center at the end of February, she had no...

Building Bridges Between Israel and the Diaspora

Naama Klar is the good-girl-next-door from a religious settlement who married a secular man. Today, at the age of 34, she is at a...

The Personal Chef Who Hustles to Create Healthy Meals

“When you’re in culinary school, there isn’t a night of drinking that doesn’t end in cooking an entire feast,” personal chef Alyssa Samowitz said.  However,...

From Christian to Muslim to Rabbinical Student

Mordechai Yosef ben Avraham is accustomed to being an outsider. He and his brother were two of only three African American students at his...

Latest news

N.Y. Town Votes to Keep ‘Swastika’ Name

The town argued that the history of the town's namesake isn't rooted in hate.

Univ. of Illinois Student Gov’t Passes BDS Resolution

The university denounced the resolution.

Arab Nations’ PA Funding Declined 85% in 2020, Report Says

Foreign aid to the PA as a whole has fallen 50%.

Boston’s 118-Year-Old Jewish Advocate Ceases Publication

"It is with tears in our eyes that we concluded that our decision to suspend publication is a sad but necessary response to this crisis.”

More Restrictive Lockdown Set for Israel as Coronavirus Cases Remain at Record Levels

The restrictions are expected to last at least two weeks.