Wednesday, August 12, 2020


Debby Segura


Pumpkin Pie That’s a Crowd Pleaser

Pumpkin pie is so good that I can’t believe people have it only for Thanksgiving. For calorie counters, pumpkin pie is the most low-calorie...

Classic Brisket: A Teaching Moment

The Engelmans were the first family I knew that took food really seriously. They owned the three Nibblers restaurants in Los Angeles. When Carol...

Pumpkins: Food for the Soul

Is it September already? Are the High Holy Days almost here? Are they already serving pumpkin spice lattes?  For many people, pumpkins are just pumpkins...

Latest news

Nazis Who Killed Children Ran German Children’s Homes After the War, Report Finds

The report states that torture, abuse and malnourishment were commonplace at these homes.

Nick Cannon, ADL Call for Unity Between Black and Jewish Communities in Joint Op-Ed

"When Blacks and Jews fight one another, racists rejoice and bigots celebrate, even as the silent majority among our people mourn."

Israel’s Hadassah Hospital ‘a Partner’ in Development of Russian Coronavirus Vaccine, Director Says

"They’re doing fine work, they work differently to us and we adapt our methods to them.”

Nazi Party Applications Reportedly Distributed in Indiana Park

Anti-Semitic pamphlets were also reportedly handed out.