Monday, May 3, 2021
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Israeli Officials Likely on Damage Control Mission as Iran Nuclear Deal Revival Nears

Biden, Blinken and Sullivan have all met in Washington with Israeli security officials in the last week.

Facebook Blocks PA-Connected Hacking Ring Targeting Journalists, Activists

Acting from the West Bank, the group – allegedly connected to Palestinian intelligence – used ‘low-sophistication malware’ to spy on its targets

Sudan Annuls Its Israel Boycott Law

Move marks another step in normalization efforts between the countries, expected to benefit both countries significantly

Israel to Celebrate Nearly Coronavirus-Free Independence Day

(The Media Line) As Israel concludes its Memorial Day for Fallen Soldiers and Terror Victims, a day of sadness and introspection, the country’s citizens...

US to Offer Compromise to Iran, Hoping to Kick-start Nuke Talks

Until now, both sides insisted the other be the first to return to compliance

COVID-19 May Give Much-Needed Boost to Israel’s High-Tech Workforce

Dozens of Israelis working abroad are already planning their return, and thousands more may return over the coming summer

$600M Worth of Food To Be Thrown Away in Israel During Passover

Average household to spend more than $770 on meals during the weeklong holiday; 13% will go to waste

US-Iran Stalemate May Deepen American Difficulties With EU, Says Expert

The EU is increasingly frustrated by Washington’s failure to quickly return to the 2015 nuclear accord

Israel’s Environment Minister Blames Iran for Oil Spill

Israeli security officials were surprised by the claim and some disputed it; expert says ‘wouldn’t be surprising’ to find Iran behind it.

US Reportedly Renews Investigation of Israeli Spyware Company NSO Group

Probe may be part of larger Biden shift emphasizing human rights, scrutinizing Saudi Arabia

Israel Opens for Business, Producing Legal Dilemma

The Green Pass model sanctions those refusing to vaccinate, raising questions all countries returning to normalcy will face

IDF Asks Wikipedia to Edit ‘Hezbollah’ Entry to Reflect Terror Designation

The entry currently defines the organization, which has been designated a terrorist organization by 26 countries, a “political party and militant group”

Netanyahu Politics Possibly Behind Increased Left Support for Arab Joint List

Political experts say poll showing increased left, right support for hardliners reveals the influence of the prime minister

Unvaccinated Israeli Youth May Prolong Coronavirus Restrictions

Only 9% of Israelis ages 20-29 have been inoculated in the week since they were invited to get their shots

Small Network of Ultra-Orthodox Jewish Israelis Offers COVID-19 Treatment To All Sectors

The Chasdei Amram organization – a private initiative in one of Israel’s most conservative Haredi (ultra-Orthodox Jewish) enclaves – is providing at-home treatments for thousands of Israelis who have been diagnosed with COVID-19.

Israel’s Arab Joint List Comes Apart as Elections Approach

The alliance announced late on January 27 that it would split; and a day later the Knesset House Committee approved the breakup.