Blake Flayton

Blake Flayton

Unity Through Dissent

Is there anything more Jewish than complaining about other Jews, with whom you bicker over how to be Jewish in the modern world?

I Go to Shul on Kaplan Street

On Kaplan there is a gathering of Jews, proud Jews, proud Zionists, electrifying the air with the intoxicating power of our shared beliefs, so powerful that I often cannot hide my emotions.

A Day in Herzl’s Negev

When I look at the yellow sands and the pink mountains at sunset, I can’t help but long for the old pioneering aesthetic of Israel.

A Fight for the Fabric of the State

The theological hypothesis that the original framework of Zionism as a democratic enterprise is inchoate and incomplete threatens to unravel the entirety of Israeli society.

What’s Herzl Got to Do With It?

Whether one is observing the right or the left in Israel, references to Herzl are ubiquitous. Both political camps in Israel fashion the founder of the country as their spiritual leader, claiming ideological ownership of his likeness to advance their own agenda.

Jenin, Jenin, Jenin

Because massacres are understood to be politically motivated, the word can consequently be used to manipulate, misinform and misconstrue.

Bernie’s Betrayal

Posing with a bright smile next to Corbyn, Sanders tweeted support for the former Labour Party leader last week, along with two organizations he is associated with. 

Stop Sending Jews Christmas Cards

This holiday season, during yet another time of rising anxiety in the Diaspora, I would implore all politicians, corporations and brands to rethink their repurposed Christmas messages.


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