March 31, 2020

Ariel Sobel

Following California Gov. Gavin Newsom's statewide shelter in place order, the Los Angeles County Department of Health issues new, more stringent orders, effective March 22.
Stop using your Jewish relatives as a match to gaslight other Jews.
Other AIPAC attendees have not been instructed to go into quarantine after returning home from the conference. 
The film “Skin,” peers through the eyes of real-life skinhead Bryon Widner as he attempts to find his way out of the Indiana white power group he joined at 14.
Despite efforts to stigmatize AIPAC, progressive Zionists are still fighting for a place in both movements.
Mike Bloomberg is running the most radically Jewish campaign in U.S. history.
In reaction to surging anti-Semitism, some advocates are calling for non-Jews to put on kippahs and take to the streets.
Ariel Sobel: What really made the “No Hate, No Fear” event monumental was that in these past three years, no one has wanted to march with the Jews.
De Blasio refused to acknowledge anti-Semitism as anything other than the fault of his political enemies. Unwatched, the pot boiled. Now it’s overflowing.
White nationalists are terrorists. Kamala Harris knows we need to treat them as such.
While there are plenty of anti-Semitic Twitter accounts, this one carefully is curated to indoctrinate its followers into genocidal violence.
Leaks reveal it an undemocratic, opaque process.
As a show that depicts a 1950s Ashkenazi family, hatred of Jews is missing from the landscape.
This is an appeal to you on behalf of the Jewish community for you to stop speaking for us, about us or to us. 
Stop using my family’s murders as a talking point, claiming their graves as a platform to stand on in your Twitter arguments.
My critics have gone as far as to mock my appearance and advise me to get plastic surgery, or simply tell me to drown. Unfortunately, I’m not alone.