LAPD investigating robbery in Pico-Robertson

The Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) is investigating an incident involving a stolen pickup truck and a stolen purse in the Pico-Robertson area. 

Around 12:30 pm, a suspect, who LAPD described as a “black male, six-feet-tall and weighing 180-lbs, wearing blue jeans and a dark shirt,” allegedly mugged a woman, who has not been identified, near Pico boulevard and Crest drive.

He “jumped out of a stolen car,” before approaching the woman and stealing her purse, K-9 Platoon LAPD Sgt. Scott Davis told the Journal. The suspect remains “outstanding,” Davis said.

Police arrived to the scene immediately, responding to a telephone call from the victim, but not before the suspect took off on foot. Despite searching approximately 20 backyards of homes in the area for the suspect–with police closing off streets around between Pico boulevard and Cashio street, and Crest drive and Livonia avenue–police were unable to find the suspect.

Several K-9 dogs assisted with the manhunt, and police ordered residents to remain inside during the search.

The car was stolen from outside the West Los Angeles area. 

At approximately 4:30, police were inspecting the stolen vehicle, which the suspect had left behind in the Pico-Robertson neighborhood, Davis said. 

Davis hopes the car will lead authorities to the suspect. 

“Hopefully his prints or his DNA will come back and we will be able to apprehend the suspect at a later date,” Davis said. “That will make everyone feel better about that.”