Limmud conference to launch in Moscow

The first of six Limmud conferences for Russian-speaking Jews will open in Moscow.

Limmud FSU Moscow will begin Thursday and run through April 22. Some 1,000 participants are registered for the conference, which is designed to bring young Russian-speaking Jews closer to Jewish history and culture.

The conference will focus on Russia as a society undergoing change both in general and for its Jewish citizens.

Session presenters will include Sofa Landver, Israel’s minister of immigrant absorption; Alex Miller, chair of the Knesset Education and Culture Committee; Carmel Shama-Hacohen, chairman of the Knesset Economic Affairs Committee; and Dorit Golender, Israel’s ambassador to the Russian Federation.

Limmud conferences also will be held this year in Belarus, Moldova, Ukraine, Israel and the United States. The next Limmud conference will take place at Princeton University in New Jersey and focus on the life and work of Albert Einstein.