Converts to Judaism Can Now Find Each Other Online

Converts to Judaism can now find each other — and counsel from several rabbis — on line.

On America Online, for example, there are currently 489 postings in a “Jews by Choice” area. Just click on keyword “Jewish” to get to the Jewish area called Jewish Community Online. There, click on the “chat” icon and find topics such as “Conversion to Judaism: Some Real Stories,” “Should I Convert to Judaism?” and “Why the Jewish People Should Welcome Converts.”

One of the most popular areas on JCOL is “Ask a Rabbi,” in which potential converts can ask real rabbis questions about Judaism. The most frequently asked questions can be accessed in a “Conversation Q&A” area.

Lastly, AOL has web links to several conversion-related sites on the World Wide Web, including “The Conversion to Judaism Homepage” and “How Does One Convert?” — Teresa Strasser, Contributing Writer