For the Kids

Right a Wrong

The five daughters of Tzlophchad (say that 10 times fast!) went to Moses and said: "The law says that if a man dies his property goes to his sons. But our father doesn’t have any sons! What will become of all his property? Please change the law so that we can keep our father’s property in the family!"

Moses went to God and told him, and God changed the law.

The daughters of Tzlophchad stood up for something they believed in.

Is there something you think should be changed?

Maybe you want better food in the cafeteria at school!

OK to stand up for what you believe is right — you never know what mountains you may manage to move!

Book Review

Here is a book review by Ariel Schnitzer, a fifth-grader at Harkham Hillel Hebrew Academy
“Strudel Stories” is a great book for people who like learning about the past. It is about a large Jewish family of seven generations with stories from past to present. How did an apple turn to gold? Or, how did Bertie almost get sent back across the ocean to Russia? This book is full of happy times, sad times, disastrous times, all starting with a plate of strudel.
Author Joanne Rocklin’s memories of her family depicted in the “Stories” were humorous and yet real.