September 25, 2018

Easy floral arrangements for your Passover table

You’ve been cooking for days. You got the good dishes out of storage. The silver is polished. And in the midst of getting all the preparations ready for the big seder dinner, the last thing you probably want to think about is a floral centerpiece. 

The reality is, centerpieces just aren’t that practical for the Passover table. The table is already crowded with dishes, glasses, the seder plate, Elijah’s cup, Miriam’s cup and bowls of saltwater. You know that as soon as the brisket comes out, that centerpiece is getting moved to the living room.  

But flowers add so much to the Passover table. They signify spring and new life. And the beauty of the blooms brightens the entire evening. 

Here, then, are four ideas for seder dinner floral pieces that are easy to whip up, and take up very little room on the table. We’ve expanded the definition of “florals” to include herbs and succulents; while not florals in the technical sense, these organic elements are a popular alternative to flowers. 

Because the arrangements are small, you can create multiples to scatter across the tabletop, perhaps one in front of each person’s place setting. And their low height means you will have no problem seeing across the table as each of you reads a passage from the haggadah. These also make great favors that guests can take home to remember the evening. 

Endive-wrapped vases

Red endive is sometimes used as a bitter herb on the seder plate, but it also makes a colorful foundation for this quick and easy arrangement. Endive leaves are wrapped around a glass votive holder to form a vase and fill with flowers or, in this case, fragrant mint leaves.

Place a rubber band around a glass votive holder. You can also use a shot glass or a small juice glass.

Egg blossoms

The egg has so much symbolic significance during Passover celebrations, it’s only fitting to incorporate it in the flowers. These hollowed egg shells act as a miniature vase, as if the eggs are hatching spring’s new possibilities.

Break the tip of the egg with a knife, and pour out the egg yolk and whites to save for cooking. Wash the inside of the egg and let it air dry.

Mason jar succulents

For a unique twist on Passover flowers, try these succulents arranged in mason jars. Beautiful, resilient succulents can grow in the harshest environments, and they represent the hope that was ever present, even in captivity in Egypt.

Cut succulent blooms from existing plants. Allow them to sit out for about a week so a scab forms where you cut them.

Magnetic flowers

It’s a Passover miracle! These flowers are standing on their own, without a vase. It may not be the parting of the Red Sea, but you have to admit, it’s pretty nifty. The trick is magnets at the base of the stems, and a hidden piece of metal under the tablecloth.

Hot glue a magnet to the head of a nail. Flat neodymium magnets are perfect for this, but keep the kids away — they are harmful if swallowed.

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