September 23, 2019

Quirky Wishes for 2012

1. Parents who watch any Disney/Pixar DVD more than 100 times will be automatically entered into a special million dollar lottery

2. Scientists will conclusively discover that if parents consume enough dark chocolate, their children’s behavior will dramatically improve

3. Any elected official who votes to cut funding for the disabled will spend the next 24 hours taking care of someone who is in a wheelchair

4. The ability to be very, very focused like a laser on one particular subject will be highly valued by society

5. Elevators will always work

6. Major philanthropists in the Jewish community will start directing a good chunk of their capital spending into residential facilities and high quality programs for Jewish adults with disabilities

7.  Danny will expand his eating to a least one fresh vegetable

8.  All luxury goods would be taxed at an extra 3%, and that funding would be restricted to funding special education teachers and aides in public schools

9.  The Ramah Tikvah program would have a free Shabbaton once a month all year long

10. People with special needs and disabilities will be thought of as “quirky”, not strange or odd