September 17, 2019

New Chanukah Song: “Chanukah in West Virginia”

I really wish there were more fun, poppy Chanukah songs. It’s not fair! Christmas has inspired so many great pop songs about love, family, friends, and snow, and all we Jews have to show for ourselves are a few songs about dreidels and Adam Sandler’s ” title=”"Miracle"” target=”_blank”>“Miracle”, which is really nice, except the video is really strange—Greek ruler Antiochus chasing Jews around Christmas trees. No need for polemics during the holiday season, please.

Chanukah is filled with so many positive messages: light, miracles, heroism. The possibilities for fluffy, catchy, inspirational pop songs are endless! I think the only barrier to a sonorous Chanukah song is the “Ch”-sound of Chanukah. But we can simply pronounce it with an “h” for all the gentiles out there who can’t make that “ch” growling sound.

So when I heard singer-songwriter and composer