November 11, 2019

Alpha And Omega and A Four Year Old’s Opinion

What better way to know if a movie is child-worthy than to hear it from a child?  My son reviewed the movie Alpha and Omega as we left the theatre ten minutes early for a refill on popcorn that was clearly more interesting than the movie itself.  I will let my four year old son’s review speak for itself.

Before the movie, he was excited and hopeful: “I can’t wait to see Alpha and Omega.  They are cute wolves – I hope they end up together and not separate, though.”  (I wanted to guarantee him that would probably happen, but I did not want to spoil the movie.)

Here’s what mini-Levy had to say (A Q & A with my son):

Jew Mama: “Did you like Alpha And Omega?”

Son: I am disappointed.  The movie isn’t what I thought it would be; no funny parts, no music and not so many cute characters.  Really, you know, I think it was boring.  Why did they have to hurt the wolves and take them away?  It makes me sad.  This should be for kids, but I don’t think it is.”

JM: Why do you think it was boring?

Son: I don’t know. You have to ask the people that made the movie – they made it that way – boring!

JM: What would you tell other kids if they asked if they should see the movie?

Son: I would tell them – No…but the popcorn was tasty.

See, I told you so…but why take it from me?  Take it from a four year old.