November 21, 2018

Watch what happens!

My father Robert Angel, of blessed memory, was a wonderful man.  He was charming, funny and brilliant.  I get all the best parts of me from him and I am blessed to see all the best parts of him in my son.  He was originally from England, moved to Israel when he was a young man, served in the Israeli army and fought in the war of 1967.  Met my mother is Israel, had 2 kids (me included) and eventually moved us from Israel to England and then Canada where they had 2 more children. 

None of that has anything to do with the story really, I just love him and so to talk about him keeps his memory alive.  I’ve lived in Los Angeles for almost 20 years and he came to visit me often.  He loved it here and especially loved to come once I had my son.  My father ALWAYS wore a watch.  He liked watches and while he had quite a few, there was one gold one in particular that he wore daily.  I NEVER wear a watch.  I would always ask my dad what time it was and it would drive him crazy.  I asked him because I got a kick out of the fact that every time I asked him what time it was he would say in his lovely English accent “For God’s sake Ilana, get a bloody watch already”. 

When my son was born he came to spend a few weeks with us.  One night he was sitting with me, telling stories about when me and my siblings were little.  He took the baby from me and placed a box on my bed.  Inside the box was a beautiful watch.  It was silver with a pale pink face.  He rocked his grandson to sleep and told me that I needed to start paying attention to time because now it would pass quicker than I could ever imagine.  It is a memory I will cherish forever. 

When my father passed away a few years ago I put the watch away.  I simply could not wear it.  A few weeks ago I remembered how much I loved it and decided to start wearing it again.  The problem was it stopped working.  I took it to a really great place on the west side called Westchester Watchworks.  You can check them out at .  It is owned and operated by the Lyon family and I am so grateful to them for fixing it.  I’m not sure what they did but I got it back and not only does it work but it looks like the day he gave it to me.  Thank you!

So what does any of this have to do with dating?  Here we go!  I’m on a date and I’m wearing my watch.  We are having drinks and all is well.  We’re talking and laughing and without even noticing I was doing it, I start fiddling with the watch.  I’m touching it, rolling it around my wrist, smiling to myself because I was so happy to be wearing it.  In the middle of my saying something that was undoubtedly funny and cute, my date puts up his hand and says, “If you’re bored and want to go just say so.  I don’t appreciate that you’ve been playing with your watch and checking the time for over an hour.  You are being rude and if you want to go, just get lost and stop wasting my time.”  He then calls over the waiter and gets the check.  After the initial shock wears off I try to tell him the story of my watch but he is having none of it.  He goes on to tell me, “If you were not into it you could have left before I dropped 40 bucks on drinks with someone who could care less about me and what I have to say.”  He throws some cash on the table, thanks me for wasting his time, and leaves.

Can I pick em or what?  Now he knows about my blog and so I’m sure he figured out he was going to make it in and I hope he is reading this.  Listen to me, I am so sick of men saying women are dramatic.  Perhaps the real issue is that MEN are dramatic.  I would have explained the story.  I would have stopped if you mentioned it.  I would have paid for the drinks so you were not out your precious 40 bucks.  At some point you have got to stop labeling women as crazy and do some self reflection. 

We are all just trying to meet someone and I appreciate that it’s hard for all of us.  What are the chances that anyone will meet their Beshert?  I imagine the odds are not stellar.  That said, cut me some slack fella.  You need to get a grip and not allow your ego to take center stage on a date.  It’s just not that attractive.  Men like you will not break my spirit and send me to the pound to get 8 cats!  My Beshert and I will make our way to each other.  I am always going to be hopeful.  That said, every once in a while, it is challenging to keep the faith.