November 16, 2018

Search Team Being Assembled

I am assembling a top not search team to locate my new boyfriend.  I figure if Jewish geography is properly utilized, we can help each other out.  I invite you all to join my blog at and send me a note about what you are looking for.  We all know people who even though we are not interested in them romantically, they are FABULOUS.  If you join and send your info I will Yenta the hell out of it and do a little matchmaking.

I know a lot of single people, both male and female, Jews and non-Jews, gay and straight.  Let’s join forces and make it happen.  Check the blog group and see what people are looking for.  You don’t have to be single to join us, you just need to have single friends who want to be set up. 

So here’s my deal: I like men who are tall.  That said, I’m only 5’3” so tall is relative.  I like men who are bald.  That said, having hair is also good as you can play with it if it’s short and grab onto it if it’s long.  I like men with tattoos. I think they tell a story and archive a history, good or bad.  I like men who ride a Harley.  While I would never ride myself, I like being on the back of one and holding on to a yummy man.  I like Jewish men.  Just my thing and not worth elaborating on since I will undoubtedly get messages about what a bigot I am.  While I find these postings from angry people and militant web sites to be very entertaining, let’s stay focused!

With all that said, I am not going to limit myself and only look for the men I’ve described.  If you know someone who is Jewish and kind, funny and smart, then bring him on.  I’m wise enough to think outside the box and am willing to meet anyone you think is a match.  I’m compiling a listing of all my single friends and working on getting them to join us.  At the very least we will all make new friends and at the very best we will perhaps find love. 

Even if it only works for one of us it will have been a successful experiment and a lesson that we must always keep the faith.