January 24, 2019

Best Date Ever

Miracle of miracles!  Tonight I had the best date ever.  It started off with a walk to the local Blockbuster where we rented a couple of movies.  On the way back we stopped by Whole Foods and picked up some pasta and salad for dinner.  We laughed and had the best time while preparing a yummy meal.  After dinner we went for a walk.  We strolled and held hands while we chatted about love and dating and the future.  We came back to my place and watched a movie.  It was Marley and Me and I cried like a baby.  He kept passing me tissues and at one point told me “Don’t cry.  It’s OK.  I love you.” 

After dinner we sat on the balcony and talked about our favorite foods and what we’d like to do together next week.  He was charming and funny.  Attentive and handsome.  Cuddly and delicious.  It was the perfect date.  Absolutely perfect.  I finally figured out how to have the perfect evening with the perfect man.  You simply make the man yourself. 

I spent the evening with my 13 year old son and it was perfection.  I don’t imagine I have many nights like this left.  It was a fluke that he happened to be home at all on a Saturday night and not out with his friends at the movies or a party.  I love him more than I can ever express or even understand.  He is my hero and my friend.  He brings me unlimited joy and I am so grateful and blessed to be his mother.  At the end of the day he is the reason that I am able to keep the faith.