November 18, 2018

Labels Required

I spent last night attending Shabbat services at Beit T’Shuvah.  They are located on Venice Blvd. in Los Angeles and if you’ve never been, I recommend it.  It’s a great service with amazing music and lots of soul.  It will leave you feeling connected and grateful.  The Rabbi is inspiring and the Cantor is brilliant and you will experience Judaism in a way that is completely different from what you’re used to.  But I digress……

I walk in at 6:40 which is 10 minutes late.  It’s a packed house so I stand in the back looking for an empty seat when I locate one in front and off to the side.  I’m making my way across the sanctuary and it occurs to me as I look around that Temple is packed full of delicious looking men.  There are older sophisticated ones, bad boys with shaved heads and tattoos, business men, and some regular guys thrown in the mix who have all gathered for some spirituality.

I am keenly aware that people are watching the late girl walk in.  I smile and whisper Good Shabbas as I walk through.  I make it to my seat, get settled in and start clapping to the music. Since I’m now at the front and on the side, I can look at everyone.  People smile and nod and wave.  It’s all quite lovely and engaging and I was immediately glad I had schlepped from the valley in Friday night traffic.

Maybe it’s because it’s Shabbat and everyone is being kind and friendly but the problem with trying to meet men at services is that you don’t know if they are being attentive because of the location and purpose that brought them there, or if they are actually showing interest in you.  It’s like my blog from yesterday where I shared that I couldn’t tell if men were gay or not.  I think I have a much bigger issue in that I simply am not able to clearly define flirting.  While I am a master flirter myself, I really cannot sense it in others.  I think everyone is flirting with me all the time. 

I think there should be labels, just a little something to help a single girl out.  It could be a lapel pin or a button or wait, this is it!  A business card that is discreetly passed to you.  It could be totally cute and a must have for the fall fashion season.  I propose the following versions: SINGLE, MARRIED, TAKING A BREAK, PLAYER, NOT READY, I’LL NEVER CALL YOU, YOUR BROTHER IS HOT, AVAILABLE, NOT INTERESTED, I HAVE A GIRLFRIEND, NEVER GONNA HAPPEN.

It would make it all so much easier.  I’m a smart girl, both educated and street smart.  I’m looking for love, want to share my life with someone and believe I bring a lot to the table.  The thing is, I’m never going to meet anyone if I’m unable to read the signs.  I don’t think I was always like this.  After suffering a broken heart some women are left jaded and bitter.  Not me.  A broken heart has left me a little dumb.  I have lost my mojo. 

I shall pray that I get my common sense back and will focus on keeping the faith.