November 20, 2018

Random Stuff

This is some random stuff that has crossed my mind.  Looking forward to hearing what people have to share.

When you’re on a date, and it’s going well, and you’ve had dinner, and you see what each other orders, and you’re walking to the car, and you know there is going to be a kiss, and you’re hoping it’s a good one, can you offer your date a piece of gum or breath mint?  If it were your significant other, it would be a simple “Here Babe take a Tic-Tac”.  But what if it’s new and the kiss will be judged by the breath?  Mint or no mint?

If you go on a date and it’s going pretty well and you say you’re going to the bathroom and when you get up he walks with you, follows you there, waits outside for you to finish and then walks you back to the table without an explanation, is that chivalry or red flag crazy?  Dump or date two?

When you meet someone new for a drink and you’ve seen his picture and he tells you he is 5’10” and when you get there he is 5’6” and the picture you saw was taken about 15 years ago, can you simply leave because he is a liar or do you stay because you don’t want to hurt his feelings and clearly he is delusional and it would be mean?  Stay or bail?

If you’re a mature consenting adult and you’re getting to the make out stage, do you shave your legs incase tonight is the night or do you not shave your legs so you won’t be tempted to go too far?  At what point can a woman sleep with a man and not be labeled a slut?  How many dates difference is there between a slut and a lady?  Shave or don’t shave?