November 21, 2018

Friends and Enemies

Let’s talk about my friend Laurel.  I focus a lot on the struggles of meeting men when you are over 40.  If you throw Laurel into the mix, then the trouble meeting men is not just limited to women over 40.  Laurel is 26 years old and if we lived in Alaska I could be her mother.  She is gorgeous, smart, funny and Jewish.  She is my friend.  A good friend.  That said….. she is also the enemy.  She is what the men I am interested in, are interested in.  (You can find Laurel at )  The good thing about Laurel is that she is not interested in the men that I am interested in.  Seriously, what could she have in common with someone who is in his late 40’s?  When their kids go off to college she will be in her sexual prime and he will be in his 60’s.  I know it has worked for some and Mazel Tov to those lucky few.  Laurel has come to terms with the fact that she is both my friend and my enemy.  We are both looking for love and have agreed that I will not aim my sites on anyone under 40 and she will not aim above 40.  There is nothing better than having an enemy who is also your friend.  We are just two women looking for our happily ever after.  The good news is that if I take off my glasses, squint my eyes and have 2 glasses of wine, her ankles look quite fat.  Thank goodness for that because if she were perfect it would be a real struggle for me for me to be her friend.