November 19, 2018

Let the blogging begin!

The purpose of this blog is to share stories and experiences about what it’s like to date in Los Angeles.  People say it’s harder to date in LA but I personally think it’s hard to date in any city.  I’m not really buying the “It’s tougher in LA because everyone is jaded and there are a million skinny super models for every normal girl theory”.  It’s hard.  Period.  If you have any questions or suggestions, let me know.  If you have a great son/brother/business associate/neighbor that you think I should go out with, let me know!  If you’re single and looking to meet people to date or network, then sign up at and be a part of my blog.  I will be on here every day gabbing and will cruise around the site and if I see you and think you’re a match for someone I’ll work my yenta magic.  I’m going to talk about my dates.  The good, the bad and the shoot me now.  So… here we are my friends.  Let’s share and laugh and cry and maybe learn something from each other.  We’ll all yenta and set each other up and make Jewish geography our friend.  It’s a pleasure to meet you all!