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Rosner’s Torah Talk: Parshat Vayikra with Rabbi Jonathan Leener

Rabbi Jonathan Leener is a co-founder of Base Hillel, a new initiative in Jewish engagement, and rabbi of its Brooklyn site.. Rabbi Leener was...

No Shul, No Problem: Synagogues Navigate Coronavirus

Since the outbreak of the coronavirus, jewitathome.com is just one collaborative online community that has helped Jews connect and engage now that all communal...

Rosner’s Torah Talk: Building a Temple in Parshat Terumah

In parshat Trumah the people of Israel are called upon to contribute to the building of the temple – gold, silver, copper, dyed wool, animal skins,...

Rosner’s Torah Talk: Hanukkah with Rabbi Greg Alexander

Rabbi Greg Alexander of Temple Israel in Cape Town, South Africa, grew up in the Progressive movement in Johannesburg. His smichah comes from Leo...

Temple Etz Chaim Welcomes New Rabbi

Temple Etz Chaim of Thousand Oaks (TEC) welcomed Rabbi Ari Averbach as its spiritual leader this summer. Averbach, 36, was officially installed on July...

Out of Destruction, Into Renewal: Reclaiming Tisha b’Av

Tisha b’Av is a frame of reference, recalling moments of Jewish destruction and despair. There are rhythms to those seasons in which we mourn...

Rosner’s Torah Talk: Parshat Vayikra with Rabbi Diane Offenberg-Rose

Rabbi/Cantor Diane Offenberg-Rose is a Jewish Universalist Rabbi serving the Los Angeles region.  She was a music teacher and conductor before becoming a Cantor and...

Rosner’s Torah Talk: Five Rabbis on Yom Kippur

    Today, we gathered for you the five Torah Talks that we have in our archives on Yom Kippur. And don't forget to read the thought...

Why I celebrate on a day of mourning

Just over 2600 years ago, Babylonian armies destroyed the holy temple in Jerusalem, ransacked the ancient Kingdom of Judah, murdered scores of people throughout...

Rabbis should aim higher than politics

We’ve all become obsessed with politics. Politics now colors every aspect of culture, including our personal lives. It colors how we see friendships, how...

How one Tulsa synagogue is baking its way to a better world

Walk into Congregation B’nai Emunah on any Tuesday afternoon and you’ll barely get through the massive, light-filled foyer before it hits you: an aromatic wave of warm oatmeal and raisins, or perhaps a sweet surge of rich, melting chocolate chips.

The problem with prayer

If the practice of Judaism is based on synagogue attendance, and if synagogue attendance is based on the passive recitation of prayer, then Judaism is in trouble.

A Lamentation on the Destruction of the Temple

1. The absence of Presence\nThe Romans are approaching. We wallow in callous pettiness. The city will fall soon.\nDesolation.

Security guard kills Jewish man near Western Wall

A security guard shot dead a 46-year-old Jewish man whom he mistook for a terrorist near the Western Wall in Jerusalem.

Purim event calendar 2013

Purim events in Los Angeles for all ages and adults only.

Ten women arrested at Western Wall for praying with prayer shawls

Ten women participating in a women\'s prayer service with hundreds of worshippers and supporters at the Western Wall were arrested for wearing prayer shawls.

Southern California temple is vandalized

A temple in an upscale neighborhood of Long Beach, Calif., was vandalized. Two-foot tall swastikas and the words \"Nazi\" were painted in red spray-paint on the front of the Temple Israel building on Monday night. Temple Israel is the oldest Reform synagogue between Los Angeles and San Diego, the Long Beach Post reported.

High Holy Days: The serious side of High Holy Days seating

The philosopher Abraham Joshua Heschel emphasized time rather than space as the major category of significance in Judaism. The first divine hallowing in creation was the seventh day, the Sabbath, not any place or thing. When the child asked Menachem Mendel of Kotzk, “Where is God?” he answered, “Whenever you let Him in.” Not “where” but “when,” and not place but time is the locus of godliness.

Talmud in Downtown L.A.

Around 2,500 people turned out for the citywide Siyum HaShas celebration at the Dorothy Chandler Pavilion Aug. 1. The event marked the completion of the seven-and-a-half year cycle of daily Talmud study known as Daf Yomi.

Letters to the Editor: Wilshire Boulevard Temple, world hunger and editorial cartoons

Bet Tzedek sends its lawyers every day into the diverse communities of our city, representing all who are in need. Jewish Family Services and Jewish Vocational Services do the same. A group at Stephen S. Wise Temple has launched a summer Freedom School branch that gives low-income young people from nearby communities a unique educational opportunity. The Breed Street Shul is turning a historic Boyle Heights temple building into a monument to our past and our future as well as an invaluable community center for a largely Spanish-speaking neighborhood in the Shul’s home community.

Ner Maarav to merge with Ramat Zion

Twenty-five years ago, Temple Ner Maarav in Encino served nearly 450 families. Today, that number has dwindled to 65.

Toronto temple in uproar over rabbi’s departure

One of the world\'s best-known Reform temples reportedly is in turmoil over the unexpected departure of its rabbi.

If your gut tells you something seems suspicious, report it

On Aug. 30, the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) held its annual security meeting at its Los Angeles headquarters to advise local Jewish leaders on possible threats facing the community in advance of the High Holy Days.

Sacred spaces

Ever catch yourself on Rosh Hashanah flipping through the remaining pages of the prayer book, mentally calculating how much longer you’ll be there?

Let us reap wisdom sown by tragedy of Tisha B’Av

This week we observe the fast of Tisha B’Av, commemorating the destruction of the Temple in Jerusalem.

Explosion near Chabad of Santa Monica may have been a bomb [UPDATE]

A device believed to be a pipe bomb exploded about [6:45am]. Thursday in the parking lot of a Jewish temple in Santa Monica, authorities said. No details were available regarding injuries or damage.

The Brothers Wolpe talk bioethics at Sinai Temple

On Sunday morning, Dec. 12, near the end of his weekend-long stay as a scholar-in-residence at Sinai Temple, bioethicist Dr. Paul Root Wolpe was asked by Rabbi David Wolpe to give a few quick responses to some of the most challenging contemporary bioethical dilemmas. “No,” Dr. Wolpe replied, provoking laughter from the nearly 300 people in attendance. “I can’t give quick responses; I’m a Wolpe.” Dr. Wolpe is professor of bioethics and Jewish bioethics at Emory University as well as senior bioethicist for NASA and the first national bioethics adviser to Planned Parenthood of America. He had already delivered two talks to his brother’s congregation on Shabbat, so one highlight of Sunday’s breakfast was a picture-heavy PowerPoint presentation, which included quite a few photographs of genetically and otherwise engineered animals. He started with hybrids like the beefalo, the zorse (zebra-horse), the cama (camel-lama), the geep (sheep-goat) and, much to the delight of fans of “Napoleon Dynamite,” the liger (lion-tiger). Later, he showed pictures of mice, kittens, pigs, puppies and monkeys that, thanks to some genetic material from jellyfish and deep-sea coral, had been engineered to glow in the dark.\n

Lonely Man of Faith

Imagine an 11-year-old kid who wakes up in the middle of the night to berate a group of grown-ups who are saying things he disagrees with. This is what\nmy friend Rabbi Chaim Seidler-Feller did. It was past midnight, after a long Friday night Shabbat meal, in his childhood home in Brooklyn’s Borough Park neighborhood. His parents and some of their friends were talking about the need to support the new State of Israel, which was then in its infancy.

Bus ad for Third Temple yanked

A bus advertisement campaign by an extreme right-wing group calling for the building of the Third Temple has been removed.\n\nThe Our Land of Israel party had put posters on 200 Jerusalem city buses shortly before Passover showing an artist\'s rendition of the Third Temple on the site now occupied by the Al Aksa Mosque and the slogan \"May the Temple be built in our lifetime.\"

Mayor Villaraigosa Welcomed at Shabbat Service

Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa was a surprise guest this month at Friday evening\'s Shabbat services at Stephen S. Wise Temple, after he had accepted an invitation from Rabbi Elie Herscher to allow the congregation to express its appreciation for the mayor\'s unwavering support for Israel.

Latest news

Jewish Federation Releases Statement in Support of Black Community

As Shavuot and Shabbat come to a close, The Jewish Federation of Greater Los Angeles released a statement of solidarity with the Black community...

Los Angeles Synagogue Vandalized With ‘Free Palestine,’ ‘F— Israel’ Graffiti

A synagogue in the Fairfax district of Los Angeles was vandalized on May 30 with graffiti stating “free Palestine" and “f--- Israel.” Lisa Daftari, founder...

The Grove Looted, Set on Fire During Protests

After footage of George Floyd's death in police custody in Minneapolis, Minnesota went viral on May 25,  protesters took to the streets around the...

Following Protests, Mayor Eric Garcetti Orders Overnight Curfew in Los Angeles

Following nationwide protests  — including in Los Angeles — Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti announced an 8 p.m. curfew across the city on May...

FCC Chair Asks Why Ayatollah Khamenei’s Tweets Don’t Violate Twitter Guidelines

Federal Communications Commission Chairman Ajit Pai asked Twitter in a tweet why Ayatollah Ali Khamenei’s tweets against Israel don’t violate Twitter’s guidelines. Pai highlighted an...