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Palestinian Authority Refuses to Accept Taxes Collected for It by Israel

The Palestinian Authority is refusing to accept the taxes collected for it by Israel. It’s part of the P.A.’s decision to boycott anything that smacks...

Keep Shekels In Your Pocket – A Poem for Haftarah Mishpatim by Rick Lupert

Jehoash was seven years old when he became king. Can you imagine? I ask my wife if our nine year old were suddenly in charge of...

Letters to the Editor: Survivor Story, Taxes, Jerusalem and Linda Sarsour

Inspired to Share Her Own Survivor Story I was quite moved by Jane Ulman’s story on Mina Wilner (“Mina Wilner: Saved by a ‘Remarkable Woman,’...

Does God Want Higher Taxes?

Last week, Republicans did what they always do when they have power: They passed an across-the-board tax cut. Not a single Democrat voted for the...

8 great bipartisan goals for Donald Trump

We are all witnesses to the inauguration of our 45th president.

The drunken pigeons of Waiheke Island

There’s a bird native to New Zealand called the kereru, a larger than usual pigeon with a green-and-purple head, neck and wings, and a healthy-size white breast, that gets high on its own fumes.

Supermodel Bar Refaeli is under investigation for tax evasion in Israel

Supermodel Bar Refaeli is under investigation in her native Israel over allegations that she evaded paying local tax on earnings from her international career.

Presidential candidate Carson pushes 15 percent flat tax, end to all deductions

Republican presidential candidate Ben Carson said on Monday he favored a flat 15 percent tax rate and an end to all tax deductions, among other steps, in an effort to boost the U.S. economy and balance the budget.

Hamas imposed taxes create new hardships for Palestinians in Gaza

The Islamist Hamas, which controls the densely populated Gaza Strip, has added another burden to the lives of residents of Gaza with the introduction of new import taxes on items considered non-essential.

Cartoon: A shining city on a hill

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Nightclub owner Sam Nazarian gives up control of Las Vegas hotel

Sm Nazarian made his name and his billion-dollar fortune creating L.A. clubs and restaurants that attracted the hippest young celebrities.

Hollywood accounting

We’re making major motion pictures, baby!

IRS’ ‘return free’ bad for most vulnerable

As April 15 nears each year, American taxpayers take inventory of their income and expenses and hand over a year’s worth of detail to the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). Many of us utilize the expertise of accountants to prepare what will become a complex analysis of the many life happenings that impact the sum of the taxes we owe or our refund.

Rabbis urge Congress to end tax cuts for the wealthiest 2 percent

More than 275 rabbis signed on to a letter to Congress urging the lawmakers to end tax cuts for those earning more than $250,000 a year.

ZOA loses tax-exempt status

The Zionist Organization of America lost its tax-exempt status due to a late filing of tax returns. The organization did not file returns for three consecutive years, The Forward reported Sept. 11.

Maarat Ayin: Eduardo Saverin’s decision to renounce his U.S. citizenship

By now everyone has heard that Eduardo Saverin, one of the co-founders of Facebook, filed legal papers in September 2011 to formally renounce his American citizenship. Brazilian by birth, Saverin became an American citizen in 1998. Born in Sao Paulo, Saverin’s father was, according to press accounts, a wealthy Jewish industrialist with varied interests in clothing, shipping, real estate and commercial exports.

OPINION: Keep down the rates of student loans

Education is the key to success -- a \"silver bullet\" for changing lives in all segments of society. An affordable, quality college education must be available to all, not just the wealthy.\n

Palestinians to raise taxes, cut costs to curb deficit

The Palestinian Authority will have to raise income tax and cut costs in 2012 to counter lower-than-expected foreign aid donations, Prime Minister Salam Fayyad has said.

Israel releases PA funds

Israel released $100 million in tax funds it had withheld from the Palestinian Authority.

Occupy L.A. raises more questions than it answers

From the very beginning of the Occupy Wall Street movement, people wanted to know why. Why did a group of protesters calling themselves “the 99 percent” take up residence in Zuccotti Park in Lower Manhattan on Sept. 17?

Death and Taxes

Editorial Cartoon

Balancing the budget: Making the weak pay

As a loyal Jewish Democrat and longtime advocate of social justice, she never thought she would find herself fighting Jerry Brown, a man she voted for three times for governor. Yet the 94-year-old is suddenly on the wrong side of Brown’s proposed budget cuts that would slash state spending by $12.5 billion, ripping a hole in numerous social service programs and eliminating others entirely.

Netanyahu posts pay slip on Facebook

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu makes about $12,300 a month before taxes, he informed the public on Facebook. Netanyahu posted a copy of his monthly pay slip Monday on the Prime Minister of Israel\'s page on the social networking site. The prime minister earns a gross salary of about $12,300 a month, but takes home just $4,200 after taxes and other deductions.

A Democrat’s lament, and a glimmer of hope

There is a sick feeling of demoralization settling over Democrats, like drizzle on a cloudy day. It’s not because of losses in the midterm elections; it’s the unnerving realization that we are on our own.

I hear you knocking

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Fiscal conservative ISO tax and spend liberal

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As usual, it started out with questions. \"Where do you work? What do you do? Have you been on any trips lately?\" I was all for talking about myself, what I do, where I\'ve been, where I\'m going. But then it got personal.

Mayor Stumbles to Left on Immigration

Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa\'s recent handling of protests by pro-illegal immigration crowds showed a man awkwardly straddling opposing sides of a political chasm that divides Angelenos who have all supported him. And his lack of deftness leaves doubt about whether he can bridge this gap as well as whether he can keep some of his most fundamental and important promises.

Charming? Not the Word for Politics

Plato described democracy as \"a charming form of government.\" Well, perhaps in ancient Greece there wasn\'t much else to charm away the days.

It’s the Economy Again, Stupid

Will the religious right dominate the Washington agenda as a Republican president, backed by a mostly GOP Congress, takes the reins of government?

Latest news

Bahrain: Goods from Israeli Settlements Will Be Designated “Made In Israel”

The Bahraini Commerce and Tourism Minister announced that all goods imported from Israeli settlements in the West Bank will be labeled as “Made In Israel.”

Bari Weiss, Rose Ritch Discuss College Anti-Semitism on Webinar

Author Bari Weiss moderated a Zoom webinar discussion with three Jewish students about anti-Semitism on college campuses on December 3. The webinar, which was part...

6 Prominent Holocaust Survivors Have Died in Europe Over the Past Month

Six prominent Holocaust survivors who had dedicated much of their lives to educating others against hatred have died in Europe over the past month.

Jewish Man Says Company Fired Him After Refusing to Write BLM Press Release

A Jewish man has alleged that a company fired him because he refused to draft a Black Lives Matter (BLM) press release due to...

New Iranian Law Ramps Up Uranium Enrichment — If Biden Doesn’t Reenter Deal

Iran’s parliament passed a law on Wednesday aimed at pressuring President-elect Joe Biden to reenter the Iran nuclear deal almost as soon as he assumes office.