Sunday, April 5, 2020
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Weekly Parsha: Beshalach

One verse, five voices. Edited by Salvador Litvak, Accidental Talmudist Now Moses’ hands were heavy; so they took a stone and placed it under him,...

The Power of the Second Chance

In honor of the completion of the 7 1/2-year cycle of Talmud study this month, and the publication of its new translation of the...

Studies look at ways to save Jordan River

Large sections of the lower Jordan River could dry out by next year unless the region\'s countries take action, according to two studies.

Funding shortage and ignorance hurt pancreatic cancer fight

About 95 percent of people diagnosed with pancreatic cancer will die within five years, the highest mortality rate of any cancer.

Education in the synagogue should aim for enhanced Jewish living

Synagogue membership that is diverse in background, knowledge, experience and interest also challenges synagogue leadership to be teachers of Judaism. That teaching must be guided by the conviction that Jewish literacy is not simply about book learning but also Jewish heritage and life.

There’s a whole lotta shakin’ goin’ on over Power Plate

The Power Plate features a vibrating platform that oscillates 30 to 50 times per second. Each time, it stimulates the nervous system and creates a reflex in the body that causes the muscles to contract. The Power Plate Web site lists dozens of college and professional sports teams as using vibration training in their regimens.

Jewish Studies Bug Bites Parents, Too

Eighteen months ago, when Lenard Cohen\'s 4-year-old daughter was enrolled in the family\'s congregational preschool, the Philadelphia-area father of three decided to go back to school himself.

Sonoma Plan Adds Flavor to Dull Diets

Dr. Connie Guttersen is on a mission to make America smaller. Well, perhaps not geographically, but at least to shrink the size of the average American. Scientific studies have proven that weight-loss diets that are based on moderate amounts of the healthiest types of fats, such as olive oil, fish and nuts, are more effective long-term than traditional low-fat diets. And since the low-fat diet myth was busted recently with the publication of \"The Nurses\' Health Study II,\" the public is struggling to determine what role fat should play in everyday meals.

Read All About It

Alberto Senderey is a model Jewish professional, and not just because he invited me as one of five Americans included for the four-day symposium in beautiful Oxford. An energetic, optimistic burst of Argentine energy, he recognized that Jewish media have a unique and underappreciated perspective on Jewish communal life.

Spy Kids’ Bar Mitzvah

It\'s not easy for a kid to find out that his parents are spies, and that he and his sister have to rescue them from evildoers. But it\'s not as hard as trying to learn Hebrew from scratch in six months for a bar mitzvah -- especially when the spy scenario is fictional and the bar mitzvah is real. So it was for Daryl Sabara, the cherubic red-headed star of three \"Spy Kids\" films. He and his twin brother, Evan, also an actor who appeared in \"Spy Kids,\" were bar mitzvahed at Chabad of Brentwood last month after studying with the synagogue\'s rabbi, Baruch Hecht, for half a year. As professional actors, it would have been a cinch for the Sabaras to memorize their Torah portion phonetically, just like many kids who don\'t know Hebrew. But the twins really wanted to learn Hebrew -- and about their heritage.

Is There a Smart Gene in Ashkenazis?

Together with Jason Hardy and Henry Harpending of the University of Utah, Gregory Cochran is publishing in a forthcoming edition of the Journal of Biosocial Science a paper that not only suggests that one group of humanity is more intelligent than the others, but explains the process that has brought this about. The group in question is Ashkenazi Jews. The process is natural selection.

A Divine Call to Action

The midrash in the Yalkut Shimoni uses this insight to provide a beautiful homily. The midrash points out that the one who flees from positions of honor and authority, achieves honor and authority.

Math Problem

It\'s spring in Sacramento, and that means the Capitol steps are jammed again with protesters against government cuts -- the first protesters to show up in mid-March were thousands of community college students demanding that California taxpayers continue paying the nation\'s steepest college subsidies per student.

Academy for Adult Jewish Studies to Open

A pilot academy that would give adult students in Orange County certificates of graduation for completing three years of Jewish study expects to accept its first students in September.

A Forkful of Trouble

Turkey, potatoes and gravy, candied yams -- all the foods you love to pile on your plate come Thanksgiving.

Jewish Studies Flourish on Campus

Within the last few weeks, a number of developments have added strength and further scope to these programs.

Students Get Religion

The Sept. 11 terrorist attack propelled already soaring interest in religious studies courses at mainstream college campuses in Orange County and around the nation.

Patriots Owner Scores Big Among Jews, Too

Robert Kraft, Jewish businessman and philanthropist, nearly leapt through the glass window of his skybox at the Superdome in New Orleans as the clock ticked down and the 20-17 victory over the heavily favored St. Louis Rams brought the team he owns, the New England Patriots, its first Super Bowl title. Along with his wife, Myra, Kraft has been heavily involved in Jewish and non-Jewish projects throughout New England, New York and Israel.

Fat and Fit

\"The medical community says we\'re eating ourselves to an early grave,\" said Glenn Gaesser, professor of exercise physiology at the University of Virginia and author of \"Big Fat Lies\" (Fawcett 1996), \"and it\'s a big overstatement.\"

Religious Studies Resources

Religious Studies Resources

Have Library, Must Travel

To reach David Hirsch\'s narrow, cluttered office at UCLA, you traverse bare, labyrynthine corridors in the basement of the University Research Library.

Latest news

Gantz Ready to Accept Limited Annexation in Judea and Samaria

Blue and White Party leader Benny Gantz is ready to accept a limited annexation of territory in Judea and Samaria, possibly bringing a unity...

Astronaut Jessica Meir Offers Advice on Isolation From Space

Jewish astronaut Jessica Meir has advice about how to stay mentally healthy while living in isolation, as the people on Earth she left behind...

Israel Cordons Off Heavily Infected Orthodox Suburb

Israeli security forces cordoned off the city of Bnei Brak, near Tel Aviv, and are enforcing a total lockdown there.

Israeli Missile-Production Line Starts Churning Out Much-Needed Ventilators

“We are operating in a challenging time, and in a global ‘war’ to acquire the necessary components and fulfill our mission,” said Udi Kantor, CEDO of Inovytec.

Israeli Cycling Team to Hold Virtual Indoor Cycling Ride for Mask Donations

On April 5 at 9:30 p.m. ET, an Israeli cycling team will host a virtual indoor ride as a way to donate N95 masks...
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