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A Glimpse of Zion

Five years ago, when librettist Ben Kaplan and composer Alex Weiser began discussing the idea of creating an opera about Theodor Herzl, “the palpable...

Two voices share transgender story in opera ‘As One’

Even the smallest of operas typically are not written for a single voice, much less for a bifurcated one. But there are quite a...

Two voices share transgender story in opera ‘As One’

Even the smallest of operas typically are not written for a single voice, much less for a bifurcated one. But there are quite a...

Tobias Picker’s ‘Thérèse Raquin’ has local premiere at Long Beach Opera

What would opera do without tales of adultery, murder and revenge?

A new ‘Magic’ for Mozart’s opera

Opera director Barrie Kosky didn’t like Mozart’s “The Magic Flute” when he first saw it at age 10. Mozart’s Singspiel — a genre of opera characterized by spoken dialogue, along with singing — was a big hit in 1791, and the composer himself goofed around on stage during some of the performances. Ideally, given its broad comedy and fantastical characters, the opera should be able to engage kids.

Full of sound and fury: Bloch’s ‘Macbeth’ opera gets a rare airing

Ernest Bloch, the renowned 20th century Swiss-born American composer, wrote just one opera, “Macbeth,” and it has rarely been produced in the United States since its 1910 Paris premiere.

Israeli understudy takes Carmen role on opening night at Masada

An Israeli understudy for the role of Carmen, in the opera being performed at the foot of Masada, was thrust on stage opening night after the star lost her voice in the dry desert air.

Garcia Lorca’s art, death inspire genre-expanding opera

When Federico Garcia Lorca was a child, long before his ascension to the heights of Spanish literary circles, he idolized his mother’s gift for playing the piano. The young Garcia Lorca studied piano, hoping that he shared some of his mother’s talent, but Garcia Lorca would never become an influential musician. It was through the pen that he found his voice. Nevertheless, Garcia Lorca’s first works, with titles like “Nocturne” and “Sonata,” drew heavily upon his musical background, and throughout his short life, his poetry and prose would reflect an obsession with music and rhythm, with Beethoven and Chopin. So it seems natural that nearly a century later, a man who was inspired by Garcia Lorca’s words would turn his life into music.

Annie Leibovitz, Ed Asner, Shelly Berman, Lainie Kazan and Elliot Gould

SAT | NOVEMBER 15 (AUTHOR READING) Jack and Robin Firestone, an average American Jewish couple, were vacationing in Paris in 1997. Then tragedy struck -- right...

Master of horror Cronenberg ‘Flies’ into opera

Cronenberg will direct the United States premiere of the opera based on what is perhaps his best-known work: his 1986 remake of the 1958 film, \"The Fly,\" which in turn was based on a 1957 George Langelaan short story.

Calendar Girls Picks and Clicks August 23 – 29: Benny Goodman, opera, magic and more

This may be your only chance to help a budding filmmaker out and see \"The Impossible Itself.\"

Calendar Girls Picks and Clicks August 9-15: Tisha B’Av, music, opera, comedy and Brad

There\'s nothing like a heated, intelligent political debate to get Jews\' social synapses firing. Jewish Journal staff writer, Brad Greenberg, a.k.a. The God Blogger, will be holding the reins of \"The Young Jewish Vote,\" where Republican Jewish Coalition Director Larry Greenfield will face Rep. Adam Schiff (D-Pasadena) in a battle to win the hearts and educated minds of young Jewish professionals between the ages of 21 and 39

Mitisek and Co. expand boundaries of opera with puppets, poetry and ‘Frankenstein!!’

Critics have called the Long Beach Opera (LBO) \"daring,\" \"unconventional\" and \"innovative.\" While all those are accurate, another word that perhaps better describes the company is \"playful.\"

Spring Calendar

Spring arts calender.

Opera: Restoring Nazi-suppressed ‘Recovered Voices’

When James Conlon premiered the \"Recovered Voices\" program at Los Angeles Opera last year, the Los Angeles Times noted the \"evangelical zeal\" with which he conducted works that had been suppressed by the Nazis -- Conlon\'s musical mission since discovering the vast (and largely forgotten) repertoire in the 1990s. \"We presented the work of seven composers to offer a glimpse of the immensity and the variety of the music -- and we had a standing ovation even at intermission,\" Conlon said between rehearsals for the next \"Voices\" concerts, which will be performed Feb. 17 through March 8.\n

Stark locations make perfect sets for ‘Anne Frank’ opera production

Now Long Beach Opera, a company known for its daring repertory and unconventional interpretations, is presenting the West Coast premiere of \"The Diary of Anne Frank,\" with three performances, from April 17 to 21 at Sinai Temple in Los Angeles and at Lincoln Park in Long Beach. (Congregation Kol Ami in West Hollywood will also present a semistaged performance on Yom HaShoah, April 15.)

Museum-hopping in Madrid, sans ham

What is the best museum town in the world? Paris comes to mind, as does New York. But as a certified art museum lover, I put my money on Madrid.

Rising Singing Star Pitches New Sound

Hila Plitmann is building a career based largely on new music by composers like David Del Tredici, John Corigliano, Roger Reynolds and Esa-Pekka Salonen, the latter the longtime music director of the Los Angeles Philharmonic and something of a Plitmann champion.

Spectator – A Night at the Hebraic Opera

\"The Imaginary Invalid\" is Dinur\'s first project for her new organization, The Jewish-Hebrew Stage. Together with Yoram Najum The Jewish-Hebrew Stage plans to bring Hebrew and Israeli theater to Los Angeles, as well as teach Hebrew through drama.

7 Days in The Arts

Saturday, February 4 It’s the year of the gay cowboy, so why not the privileged lesbian? Head to the Geffen Playhouse for the Los Angeles premiere of David Mamet’s, “Boston Marriage,” titled after the Victorian euphemism used to describe a long-term, intimate relationship between two unmarried women. The play about two upper-class women involved thusly is also directed by Mamet and stars Rebecca Pidgeon, Alicia Silverstone and Mary Steenburgen. Through March 12. $35-$69. 10886 Le Conte Ave., Westwood. (310) 208-5454. Sunday, February 5 Israeli musician Ehud Banai comes to the Avalon Hollywood. Hear songs from the folk/rock/traditional songwriter’s album, “Answer Me,” which won Best Album of the Year at the 2004 Israeli Music Awards, and other favorites tonight only. 9 p.m. $45. 1735 Vine St., Hollywood. (323) 462-8900. www.groovetickets.com.

Vienna Glories in Past and Present

The best way to discover Mozart here might be a night at the Vienna Opera. I was lucky enough to attend a performance of \"The Magic Flute\" during my visit, which was sponsored by Austria Tourism. This was classical Mozart through and through in terms of the music, but the performance was strikingly modern.

‘Aida’ Not So Tragic for Israeli Maestro

Dan Ettinger looks nothing like the popular image of a classical conductor. The Israeli is making his American debut with the Los Angeles Opera in Verdi\'s \"Aida.\"

7 Days in the Arts

7 Days in the Arts

Shoah-Era Opera an Allegory of Victory

Today, \"Brundibar\" is experiencing a revival of sorts. It is the title and story of a new children\'s book written by Tony Kushner, with illustrations by Maurice Sendak (Hyperion Books for Children), and this weekend, the Jewish Community Foundation and the Dwight Stuart Youth Foundation sponsored Youth Opera Camp of Santa Monica College Conservatory will be performing the opera at the Miles Memorial Playhouse and Simon Wiesenthal Center.

Orthodox Mother Opens New Opera

File under Incongruities, Major: One of the latest luminaries in the world of grand opera is an Orthodox mother of four from Brooklyn.

Jewish Drama Abounds

In the last weeks of spring, Jewish-themed theater is busting out all over Los Angeles:

Musical Gift

Anya Karlin has been fascinated with opera since the age of 4, when she was invited to join the cast of \"Madame Butterfly.\" At 10, while performing in a Chanukah concert, she discovered the joys of singing in Yiddish.


Richard Strauss\'s opera \"Salome\" had its Israelipremière in Tel Aviv this month. Strauss, who died in 1949,served, however briefly, as a cultural official in Adolf Hitler\'s Nazi administration. The season, by the visiting Kirov Opera from St.Petersburg, was an unchallenged hit. Strauss has been forgiven,perhaps because he had a Jewish daughter-in-law and soon learned thefolly of his ways.

From Operaman to Leading Man

In \'The Wedding Singer,\' Adam Sandlerproves he can carry a tune and a movie.\n

Honor Thy Father

Yvonne Sylva Maritza Josephine Kálmán, sixtyish,blond and glamorous, is named for all her father\'s favorite operettaheroines. So perhaps not surprisingly, she has dedicated much of herlife to seeing that her father\'s operettas have been performed allover the world.

Latest news

Massachusetts Man Arrested for Allegedly Vandalizing Synagogue, JCC

He's also accused of yelling at parents and children at a JCC.

More Than 120 Jewish and Pro-Israel Organizations Call on Facebook to Adopt IHRA Definition of Anti-Semitism

"We cannot afford to lose any more time in fighting this bigotry and preventing violence.”

Elton John Says He and Husband Signed Letter Condemning Racism, Anti-Semitism

"There is no room for any kind of prejudice in music, or in society as a whole."

Jewish Congressional Candidate Alex Morse Faces Allegations of Inappropriate Relationships

He argued that his relationships were consensual but acknowledged that he has "to be cognizant of my position of power."