‘Her Sister’s Tattoo’ Is an Insightful and Compassionate Tale of Sisterhood and Activism

“Her Sister’s Tattoo” is a fictional story that enables readers to understand the tragic case of Julius and Ethel Rosenberg.

Hanukkah Books Are Scarce; Yiddish Is Trending

Every year, children's publishers usually add a title or two about the Hanukkah holiday by the time December rolls around, but this year the...

My Magical Jewish Morocco Mystery Tour

My husband, God bless him, has many crazy ideas. But unlike most people with lofty dreams, he actually follows through with them. Own a rooster?...

“The Golem of Hollywood”: A grisly L.A. mystery

They have a way of scaring you, of chasing sleep away, these psychological thrillers that send your heart thumping.

Chabon novel spins dizzying tale of alternative history, and Alaska

Shysters chase ambulances; critics chase influences. How to characterize this Chandler-Babel stew? Let\'s try the Hollywood idiom. \"The Yiddish Policeman\'s Union\" is Woody Allen meets Cornel Woolrich. No, better, deeper: S.J. Perelman meets Y.L. Peretz meets Harry Turtledove. Martin Amis meets Stanley Elkin who is chatting with Sholom Aleichem about Jorge Luis Borges.

Billboard mystery ends with interfaith twist

The mysterious billboards went up across the Los Angeles area just after the High Holidays. Each used a variation on the same theme, juxtaposing illustrations: Latkes or fries? Bagels and lox or sushi? Yarmulke or cap?

Chabon Crusades for Fun Literature

\"The Final Solution: A Story of Detection\" by Michael Chabon (Fourth Estate/HarperCollins, $16.95). Depending on their authors\' predilections, so-called \"literary\" novels are often unsettling, disturbing, enlightening or tragicomic. They are not, in the main, much fun. Fun is left to hacks, those genre writers who churn out the chick-lit blockbusters, weepy romances, thrillers, sci-fi fantasies and blood-and-guts horrors that dominate the best-seller lists.

Local Team Solves Ancient Mystery

In 1979 two tiny pieces of cracked and deteriorated silver found in a tomb outside of the Old City of Jerusalem proved to be one of the most important archeological discoveries of the century.

Yeshiva Spy Kid Videos Find a Niche

Eight-year-old Sruli Slodowitz from Pico-Robertson likes dressing up as his favorite hero; no, it is not Batman, Superman or even Harry Potter -- but Agent Emes, \"an ordinary kid with an extraordinary mission\" who is the 11-year-old protagonist in a new mystery adventure video series for Jewish children.

Miriam Mystery

Like all women, Miriam is a complex human being, whom I cannot fully understand.

Unsolved Mysteries

The truth is that there are any number of things about which I know absolutely nothing. Right off the bat, I can think of several, ranging from soccer to Eastern religions, and from farming to trigonometry.

Mysteries of the Jews

The big surprise of the holiday season, if you caught it, was Jerry Seinfeld\'s wedding.\nIt turns out the man whose television persona perfectly embodied men\'s fear of commitment was, in real life, simply waiting for the right Jewish woman. Once he found her, baddaboom, baddabing, you\'ve got a traditional Jewish wedding, chuppah, broken glass, the works. It\'s so traditional, the crabmeat canapes come out only after the rabbi leaves. They even saw to a kosher Jewish divorce for the once-married bride. Who knew television\'s darkest satirist was such a sentimental traditionalist offscreen?

Art Imitating Life for Mystery Writer

The idea for Rochelle Majer Krich\'s new mystery, \"Blood Money,\" goes back to the day she discovered some startling photographs in her parents\' china closet.

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